Seeking Part Time work / also available as remote hands in Metro Detroit



I'm seeking part time work in the hosting industry, I've been involved in the hosting industry in one way or another for the past 10+ years and have experience in a wide array of technologies. Listing a few....
  • SolusVM , cPanel / WHM, WHMCS, Kayako, EasyDCIM, Proxmox
  • Livechat , ticketing, phone support
  • KVM / Xen / OVZ
  • Monitoring networks via SNMP with LibreNMS / Observium
  • Level 1-3 Tickets
  • Server Administration - Windows (2k8 / 2012 ), CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian
  • Network Administration - Juniper / Cisco / Supermicro / Huawei
  • Facilities management - Working with remote hands to complete tasks / Inventory Management / Dealing with vendors to order hardware
  • Working in a Datacenter - Cabling (The neatest you've ever seen wink.gif ), Hardware swaps / configuration, racking and stacking

I'm willing to work on a schedule, per case basis, or on call.

Located in north of Detroit in Michigan.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

dylan [ at ] dkraklan [ dot ] me