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    Spamhaus evil policeman listing innocent hosting sites and these gets suspended by the server admin

    I have to speak out, i am having DirectAdmin web hosting reseller account (no server admin/root access). The server admin suspended around 12 accounts because SPAMhaus listed these at But at least 20% of these were innocent. I will possibly not know...
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    Free control panel setup ?

    My priority list now is like this: ISPConfig (fast, secure, opensource) VestaCP (convenient, nice, lacks file manager) CentminMod (performance finetuned stack) CentOSWebPanel (red it is not secure, but nice UI) a few more panels are mentioned here
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    Free control panel setup ?

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    OpenVZ & HyperVM(or other free control panel for it?) ?

    Here is the tutorial. i tried it and it worked on CentOS 6. Alternatives for it are: B) Virtualizor (only $1 per VPS): Hypervm alternatives: A) Vz to LXC in proxmox...
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    Anyone can use 34 IPv4 on my OpenVZ server in Jacksonville, USA? 20CPU threads, 400GB space

    Hi, anyone can use some IPv4 / linux openvz virtual servers? Jacksonville, USA server with OpenVZ (i can create Linux virtual servers with IPv4) available IPv4! 17 IPs available in one subnet 14 in another 3 in third subnet 20 available CPU threads @ 2.67GHz (X5650) 400GB free space (Raid 1 HDD)...
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    OpenVZ & HyperVM(or other free control panel for it?) ?

    Hello, i am having some 0penVZ containers that i want to migrate to a different server. So i want to ask if Hyp€rVM repository is still online so i can install it Or if there is any other good free control panel for 0penVZ? Old hyp€rvm in$tallation tutorials refer to lxcenter repo which is...
  7. ICPH mirrorlist only accessible from host node, not guests/VPSs

    Hello, i found that OpenVZ 6 host node can access openvz repository. # curl -I # host has address # ping works but from any VPS acros various IP ranges i can not ping...
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    X3host problem

    This provider support and the service is one of the worst i have experienced. On other sites, you ay find similar negative reviews, positive ones i bet are from the provider itself. This is my honest opinion and a warning for anyone considering them. This provider (possibly Kareem A. Samir from...
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    Automatically Optimizing MySQL

    When i am running the OP (first post of this topic) script via cronjob monthl, it always send me e-mail with output: ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) But when i run that script manually, it always processing database good, but i think somewhere...
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    iptables interface forwarding, want to block bogons

    Hello, my aim is to block so called "bogons" ( I will do it thru ipset (probably with hash:net parameter as the total number of IPs is few hundred million) But i need to block it on proper interface, because my server host few virtual servers whose...
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    Rsyncing /vz/private to other OVZ6 node, how?

    no, these does not work on VZ7 from what i tried. /etc/init.d/vz: No such file or directory Error: OpenVZ is not running on the target machine "consider switching to pmigrate utility"
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    Rsyncing /vz/private to other OVZ6 node, how?

    I used HyperVM to create ostemplate, that one worked to be restored into new CT @ OpenVZ 6 by vzctl, but at OpenVZ 7 the result is: # vzctl --verbose create 1000 --ostemplate centos-6-x86-CT1120 --config basic running: /usr/sbin/vzpkg info -q --config ve-basic.conf-sample --ostemplate...
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    Rsyncing /vz/private to other OVZ6 node, how?

    Thx, this seems not to work when need to migrate from OpenVZ6 to OpenVZ7 (Virtuozzo). I tried but it was extremely slow and not finished properly in numerous cases. So i was thinking about /private rsync way..
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    Rsyncing /vz/private to other OVZ6 node, how?

    Hello, i have tried to rsync one OpenVZ 6 VPS from node server to another using rsync: rsync -Pavz /node1/vz/private/3710 /vz/private/3710 rsync -avz /node1/etc/vz/conf/3710 /etc/vz/conf/3710 but when tried to start destination VPS, i faced issues with TTy, /dev/null error. And others so i...