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    Spamhaus evil policeman listing innocent hosting sites and these gets suspended by the server admin

    I have to speak out, i am having DirectAdmin web hosting reseller account (no server admin/root access). The server admin suspended around 12 accounts because SPAMhaus listed these at But at least 20% of these were innocent. I will possibly not know...
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    OpenVZ & HyperVM(or other free control panel for it?) ?

    Here is the tutorial. i tried it and it worked on CentOS 6. Alternatives for it are: B) Virtualizor (only $1 per VPS): Hypervm alternatives: A) Vz to LXC in proxmox...
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    OpenVZ & HyperVM(or other free control panel for it?) ?

    Hello, i am having some 0penVZ containers that i want to migrate to a different server. So i want to ask if Hyp€rVM repository is still online so i can install it Or if there is any other good free control panel for 0penVZ? Old hyp€rvm in$tallation tutorials refer to lxcenter repo which is...
  4. ICPH mirrorlist only accessible from host node, not guests/VPSs

    Hello, i found that OpenVZ 6 host node can access openvz repository. # curl -I # host has address # ping works but from any VPS acros various IP ranges i can not ping...
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    X3host problem

    This provider support and the service is one of the worst i have experienced. On other sites, you ay find similar negative reviews, positive ones i bet are from the provider itself. This is my honest opinion and a warning for anyone considering them. This provider (possibly Kareem A. Samir from...
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    Automatically Optimizing MySQL

    When i am running the OP (first post of this topic) script via cronjob monthl, it always send me e-mail with output: ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) But when i run that script manually, it always processing database good, but i think somewhere...
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    iptables interface forwarding, want to block bogons

    Hello, my aim is to block so called "bogons" ( I will do it thru ipset (probably with hash:net parameter as the total number of IPs is few hundred million) But i need to block it on proper interface, because my server host few virtual servers whose...
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    Rsyncing /vz/private to other OVZ6 node, how?

    no, these does not work on VZ7 from what i tried. /etc/init.d/vz: No such file or directory Error: OpenVZ is not running on the target machine "consider switching to pmigrate utility"
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    Rsyncing /vz/private to other OVZ6 node, how?

    I used HyperVM to create ostemplate, that one worked to be restored into new CT @ OpenVZ 6 by vzctl, but at OpenVZ 7 the result is: # vzctl --verbose create 1000 --ostemplate centos-6-x86-CT1120 --config basic running: /usr/sbin/vzpkg info -q --config ve-basic.conf-sample --ostemplate...
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    Rsyncing /vz/private to other OVZ6 node, how?

    Thx, this seems not to work when need to migrate from OpenVZ6 to OpenVZ7 (Virtuozzo). I tried but it was extremely slow and not finished properly in numerous cases. So i was thinking about /private rsync way..
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    Rsyncing /vz/private to other OVZ6 node, how?

    Hello, i have tried to rsync one OpenVZ 6 VPS from node server to another using rsync: rsync -Pavz /node1/vz/private/3710 /vz/private/3710 rsync -avz /node1/etc/vz/conf/3710 /etc/vz/conf/3710 but when tried to start destination VPS, i faced issues with TTy, /dev/null error. And others so i...
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    Multi Virtualization

    Some time passed and my experience with Virtualizor support is: they are quite fast to reply even on weekend. They are moderately helpful, they are willing to login your server and take a look, their support feels "budget" (same as their budget pricing). They respond at forums. Regarding Multi...
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    Which software is banning my server hostname in iptables?

    Hello, my Linux bash script is running curl commands in rapid succession (like maybe one or two per second) curl mysite.tld around 1400 times and after approx 1000 my server hostname is getting blocked in iptables: fail2ban is stopped CSF is running and is in allow and...
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    Any cheaper domain reseller account than ENOM?

    indeed, i can confirm im getting generic domains for around $2 less with Namesilo. Paying using Bitcoin on which they have great USD/BTC ratio. Their email support response speed is great & have WHMCS modules. Netearthone seems expensive after taxes/fees. Namesilo prices are final.
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    Any cheaper domain reseller account than ENOM?

    I see enom says me $9.45/yr, but i was charged $11.42 (11.43) is approx. 20% higher, so its VAT i assume. I see internetbs, might be $0.5 cheaper for .com (not sure how big tax is added/if its added)