Spamhaus evil policeman listing innocent hosting sites and these gets suspended by the server admin


I have to speak out, i am having DirectAdmin web hosting reseller account (no server admin/root access). The server admin suspended around 12 accounts because SPAMhaus listed these at But at least 20% of these were innocent. I will possibly not know for the rest for which its owners have not notifed me.

When i said to server admin that i am unhappy they improperly suspended numerous accounts, he claimed that: You should be borderline kissing our feet for not charging you $250 for the listing. That's a very common fine most shared hosts have for Spamhaus/etc.

And then saying: what will you do to prevent this in the future

Maybe you understand that this start bother me, because i understand that it may be my problem to some extent, but i can not prevent the issue? Why?

- no way to prevent bad content if you have public registration/hosting order
- i do not have passwords to the accounts, in order to setup some script that will access the account's files via SCP/SSH and examine files for known phish/spam patterns
- they suspended accounts and i can not access it
- do they believe that i will be wasting time to: login directadmin, click an account, select to login to it, click file manager (wait for it to load), click public_html and browse all the files one by one if i find some bad code?

- i know i may apply some blocklist system like maxmind to decrease amount of bad hosting orders, but what else i can do with limitted reseller access?

I said to them that i have a script that is looking up for known malicious footprints in the php code, but they do not react on that. Maybe i should try again, but i doubt they will be interested to apply it on the server.

My worry is that they will suspend my reseller account and clients will experience longer downtime.

What are your ideas beside changing hosting provider? as i like current one for the price/value.