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    Traviro VPS Launch - Burst RAM - FREE cPanel - Lifetime Discounts - cPanel Support

    Good luck to you Eric. It's nice to see some more premium providers. I feel like the RAM race may eventually give way to low cost, managed services.
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    vpsBoard community gameserver...

    Where's the fun in that?  ;)
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    vpsBoard community gameserver...

    A community Minecraft server would be really fun! As far as I know, an IPB auth plugin wouldn't be terribly challenging, but I don't know of one that exists.
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    This is beautiful.
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    UGVPS's domain doesn't work.

    Wow, it's almost like you have an interest in discrediting the OP. U mad, SrsX?
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    Which do you prefer: A fast support response or a detailed response with support?

    This is what I do: 1) A response along the lines of 'Hey! We got your ticket! I'll take a look for you' and depending on the issue, my best guess at what's causing the problem 2) A follow-up once it's finished with the actual problem, asking the client to confirm things are working as...
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    BuyVM announces free SSD upgrades on all 256MB+ OpenVZ plans!

    Knocking an SSD down isn't nearly as bad as dropping an HDD. ;)
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    Cheap Server (dedicated server)

    No, not at all! But directly copy/pasting Datashack's spec listing, without even bothering to remove the asterisks just strikes me as poor practice.
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    Cheap Server (dedicated server)

    You're so cute, sonwebhost! Looks like a copy/paste from If you're going to resell, please at least try to distinguish yourself. I'd recommend I don't think I've ever seen anyone but OVH beat them on price.
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    New Hetzner Server Lineup

    What's the general consensus on Hetzner as a provider? The hardware is so tempting, but I've heard mixed things about their network.
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    BuyVM announces free SSD upgrades on all 256MB+ OpenVZ plans!

    That's an unholy amount of disks. I'd love to see them all laid out, without packaging.
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    Your views on Blesta?

    It's a solid piece of software, but it really is lacking in features. I really really miss price overrides and all the nice graphs and money-tracking WHMCS did. However, it is nice not having to patch it every two days.
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    New WHMCS Exploit

    Including a python script to take advantage of it? Talk about responsible disclosure. -_- Edit: includes the script, not Aldryic. Important detail for those who don't actually click the link.
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    How to secure your wordpress blogs

    But if they can inject SQL, why not just add their own user?