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    Do's and dont's for long time sitting?

    At work I sit at a computer for anywhere from 8 - 10 hours a day, normally I just go into the kitchen on our floor every 20 - 30 mins and get some water, also I normally set my brightness on my two monitors to 0 but had been getting headaches, so last week I set it to 50 and had been fine. Can...
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    Where are you from?

    I'm in between Manchester and Liverpool, but one day I'll move to Glasgow. Love it. Know some really nice people there.
  3. J Jack's Company Sold to Oktay/Serverian/Backupsy/etc.

    Goodluck guys, jack is a nice guy, I'm sure you'll both make a great team. rgds jacob
  4. J Ceases Operations for unforeseen reasons :)

    I sit on my ass on a pc all day for 10 hours and get paid £4/hour. *cough* shitty apprenticeship wage *cough*
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    The truth about Mao and BuyVM

    Yeah, that pussy is so naughty... Giggity...Giggity..
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    The truth about Mao and BuyVM

    ^^ My girlfriend decided to press buttons as I was reading the thread. Soz' guise.
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    APC AP7853 Metered Zero U PDU

    Martin is this available for pickup in Manchester?
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    BuyVM - Leaving Buffalo Early

    No one finally decided to put their foot up Chris's ass then? Shame, he's a c*nt. I know we've not always seen eye to eye, but genuinely glad everything went good for you guys/gals.
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    [UK] Dual L5420 / 24GB RAM / 5TB BW / 1Gbit from $75

    Apologies for the late response, this has been corrected, we also have a new offering available. See We also have two Dell 4 node Dual L5420 2U servers available, contact us for pricing, ideal for clusters etc..
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    [UK] Dual L5420 / 24GB RAM / 5TB BW / 1Gbit from $75

    Also forgot to mention, these come with remote reboot port + permanent KVM.
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    [UK] Dual L5420 / 24GB RAM / 5TB BW / 1Gbit from $75

    I wasn't speaking literally! :P They're perfectly sound servers, and run solid. I probably should of said "taking up space", rather than "collecting dust".  :P Drives will be either Constellations or HD103SJ.
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    [UK] Dual L5420 / 24GB RAM / 5TB BW / 1Gbit from $75

    With promo code it is $90/mo, any questions just let me know.
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    [UK] Dual L5420 / 24GB RAM / 5TB BW / 1Gbit from $75

    Hi VPSb. We have a couple of these available, that are just laying around in our spares and collecting dust. Currently built: Dual Quad Core L5420 2.5Ghz 16GB DDR2 RAM 2 x 1TB Samsung/Seagate/WD (Not sure on exact model) /29 of IPv4, /64 of IPv6 and bigger on request. 5TB Bandwidth on a...
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    EaseVPS covertly sells customers to MyRSK

    I think there's a few hundred USD in the held balance so refunds would of been possible but the servers are still in the same location, and aren't being migrated and no services was interrupted. So I fail to see why anyone would need a refund? I'm working 40 hours a week now at a job that will...