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    What domain registrar you use

    Hi all, What domain registrar do you use?  Any of you have experience with freenom? The free domain registra offering .tk .ml and other domain names for free? Also about whois protection, namecheap only offer free whois protection for first year,. Which provider have free whois protection or...
  2. J $1/mo cloud?

    Just read this at techcrunch, any comment? 256MB of RAM, 10GB of SSD storage, 1TB of outbound bandwidth  Not too bad IMO. But personally havent heard of them. Anyone have any experience with them?
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    Pastebin software

    Thanks, I need something that I can host myself and put it behind firewall. 
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    Pastebin software

    Do you host your own pastebin software, which software do you use and why. Thanks
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    kcaj giving review copy of vps and threats to sue me when i suspect him of dos attacks.

    I have to read the subject line 3 times, read the content of this thread to understand what in the world does TS want to say. =.=
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    DigitalOcean to add Singapore Region by the end of January
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    What are your favorite VPS related websites?
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    Swiftway Cloud Storage VPS

    Dear Client, We like to inform you of changes made to the SwiftwayCloud panel and Services. The SwiftwayCloud panel now features the following additional functionalities. The Chicago Storage VPS zone is now live. Clients that ordered a Chicago VPS and did not spend their credit on a...
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    Swiftway Cloud Storage VPS

    I wonder why they do this. :(
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    Swiftway Cloud Storage VPS

    A while ago, swiftway annouce their preorder of 1GB RAM, 500GB HDD VPS. (link) I just got my Netherland VPS, and logged into their new control panel. Their cloud control panel is not feature complete, you cant change your password, and password is sent to you via email in plain text, not so...
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    Did you know a 3rd world trade center tower fell on 9/11?

    obviously inside job. all these 911 thingy. Whole thing is an agenda. Listen to the best podcast in the universe.
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    What kind of spec to handle 100k pageview/day

    Might try out OneAsiaHost SSD VPS.
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    What kind of spec to handle 100k pageview/day

    Hi, I wonder if my free tier of EC2 micro is able to handle 100k pageview/day running apache wordpress+mysql? If not, what spec will you recommend if I wanted to run a wordpress site at that scale? Thanks Edit:  My problem is this, currently my site is hosted at shared hosting, but the page...
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    The Ads look good

    Can I know what ad rotation tool is used here? and whats the free alternative out there?
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    BuyVM ToS Changes

    I still dont see My Referrals on my Client Area. am i doing anything wrong?