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    Licensecart No Longer SolusVM Authorized Reseller

    I had no issues when I was a client of LicenseCart, but I ended up jumping ship because of how aggressive he was on the forums when somebody mentioned a software he didn't like. It just gave me a bad feeling (I personally believe that however you act in public is how you will act in private...
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    With OpenVZ not receiving development, where is Virtuozzo Core?

    There is OpenVZ 7 and Virtuozzo 7, with the former being the free option. You need to install the VzLinux 7 OS to use it though, no more installing a base OS and then installing OpenVZ onto the OS. Here's the ISO download link:
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    PayPal customers in Turkey will no longer be able to receive or send money as of June 6

    It's not that easy though. These companies were given about a weeks notice from PayPal before their accounts were "restricted" (withdraw only) and marketing their services/products locally will not produce the same income they are getting from countries like the US where disposable income and...
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    PayPal customers in Turkey will no longer be able to receive or send money as of June 6

    From what I've read, Turkey requires ALL servers to be located within Turkey, not just some. The regulations are specifically targeted to keep the financial companies within Turkey's jurisdiction and preventing outside companies from having any influence in their citizen's finances. PayPal...
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    ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    Age is not a factor. If he wants to act like a child he will be treated like a child and until he's mature enough to be considered an adult he's still a kid in my eyes.
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    ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    Looks like somebody is trying to justify being on the payroll. Kids will be kids.
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    AnyNode to shut down

    They didn't mention anything about finances and they can afford to keep the services up for free for ~2 months and provide refunds so why not just hire additional resources/staff? It sucks to see a company just dump their clients like this even with notice and refunds.
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    Raspberry PI 3 Now Launched!

    So many ARM topics I forget which one I've been posting to anymore... I got my ODroid C2 and my PINE64 and I must say that ODroid is the clear winner among all of my devices so far. I haven't even tested the C2 outside of a few DD and iperf tests but so far it blows away the competition from...
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    GRIPE: Customer Support is not a business option.

    Good idea, I can easily incorporate this into the script output.
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    GRIPE: Customer Support is not a business option.

    37 minutes is the average response time for the 10 most recent tickets so sometimes it can be 3 minutes and sometimes it can be 3 hours. I work the night shift so I'm able to cover the hours my father is sleeping on most days. The main goal for us is to automate as much as possible and provide...
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    GRIPE: Customer Support is not a business option.

    It really depends on the situation. Our average response time right now (for the past 10 tickets I think) is 37 minutes. I can't recall a single client support ticket that's ever taken more than 12 hours to receive a response. As for transparency, we have this nice page that clients see...
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    GRIPE: Customer Support is not a business option.

    Support is easily the most costly expense of a hosting provider so opting to being an unmanaged service drops the prices drastically for clients. We've had thousands of clients and less than 1% of them complained about our lack of 24x7 support, those same people also complained about how...
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    The Portable tablet that guarantees exquisite style and technology

    Some co-workers and I were talking about this tablet just now, I showed them this spam and their fake company information so they just lost at least half a dozen sales from this thread (and these are co-workers that spend way too much on tablets). Their marketing team should be so proud.
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    How “IP mapping” turned a Kansas farm into a digital hell

    The owners of the Kansas farm are missing a big business opportunity with this if they're truly getting as many visitors as they say they are. Maxmind is not at fault here because they decided to round off the coordinates and it happened to land within a property that is 360 acres. Seriously...
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    Automate Everything at Work

    I have an awesome AutoHotkey script that handles all of the repetitive tasks of my job, I would quit my job if I could automated 100% of it though. That's just boring and a waste of time and energy (not to mention the lack of job security would be stressful).