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    IncogNET | AMD Ryzen KVM VPS in Netherlands or Finland with FREE 2nd year or 30% off! Crypto accepted, no personal details required!

    Frequently Asked Questions: Refunds? - First 48 hours only for non-crypto payments. Can I host adult content? - Legal adult content is fine. Can I host a Tor Exit? - Sure, just have a strict exit policy and follow our guidelines here: Can I host an I2P Router? -...
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    IncogNET Crypto Month! All plans 50% off! DDoS Protection, Free SSL, Softaculous and more. CloudLinux for performance, Luxembourg location for privacy

    IncogNET decided to start our, "July is Crypto Month" promotion early where all services and plans are being offered for 50% off when paying with crypto. This of course includes our shared hosting plans. What makes our Shared Hosting different than the rest? Sure, we're using CloudLinux...
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    IncogNET Crypto Month! All Finland KVM VPS and Ad-Block VPN services are 50% off all month long!

    Links: - WWW Site: - Tor Site: http://incogwebxwgsnbkrquxku3qwh5qkywvlet77st5i5tcvqmq4xdmspuad.onion/ - I2P Site: ( .i2p | .b32 | Helper ) - Yggdrasil Site: ( /']IPv6 | .YGG ) - Privacy Policy: - TOS & AUP: - About...
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    This is vpsBoard

    It's owned by KnownHost now, I believe.
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    Always nice when you're Googling something, and you find your post from 6 ears earlier. Almost six years to the day, too. Anyway I was looking for this!
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    Post Your Rides!!

    I bought this for shits-n-gigs, kind of. May fix the paint and make it my daily driver. IDK. I didn't find it... It found me... :D
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    Pi-Hole + Squid Proxy on Raspberry Pi = Fast(er) internet

    So I live out in the country, and I have metered monthly bandwidth. Speeds really aren't that bad for commercial Wi-Fi, though due to monthly data caps I wanted to make sure that I can save as much bandwidth as possible. I was already running a Pi-Hole on my Raspberry Pi for almost a year, and...
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    Bitcoin a pyramid scheme?

    Uh-oh, may trigger some people with this one. Personally I don't understand enough about Bitcoin to hold a strong opinion of it either way. I own a little (and I mean little) bit of it, but I don't keep up with the news or really care. I'd rather have 'real' money, and being someone who also...
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    WHMCS vs Kayako vs Zendesk

    What sort of automation are you seeking? You can do automatic replies, closing of tickets after a period of inactivity, etc via kayako.
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    WHMCS vs Kayako vs Zendesk

    For a support desk, I really enjoyed Kayako. WHMCS is nice, and perhaps it's changed over the last couple years since I've last really used it, but Kayako at the time (for a support desk) was much nicer and simply had a ton more features that came in handy for a large company. Keep in mind that...
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    vpsBoard's Future

    Jonathan's right. The site was basically dead and I didn't want to keep paying for a small fleet of servers and didn't really have the time to consolidate everything. I 'closed it' to archive it, but the major plan was just to scrape the site and serve a HTML only version on some cheap shared...
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    What are you using Raspberry Pis for?

    Nice. I'm wondering how the actual USB webcams perform versus that of a PiCam or other camera board module. Would you be able to get a higher frame rate with one versus the other? When I do the whole weather station thing I wanted to have an outdoor camera facing the sky and field behind my...
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    What are you using Raspberry Pis for?

    My Pi has been running great as a "Pi-Hole" (see above). Think my other one will get some use as a weather station... stay tuned. :)
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    vpsBoard's Future

    Welcome back man.