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    Removing Change Password tab from SolusVM Extended Module by ModulesGarden

    clientareaproductdetails.tpl {if !$product|strstr:"VPS"} {if $modulechangepassword}<li id="tab2nav"><a href="#tab2" data-toggle="tab">{$LANG.serverchangepassword}</a></li>{/if} {/if} Replace "VPS" with the common letters that youhave in every product for which you want...
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    Laptop or Tower PC?

    I'm chained to my desktop workstation and couldn't live without it.
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    Need Low Budget VPS - Will need 20 VPS in each city

    Try - it spun off from Phoenix VPS and my younger brother Pete manages it. It might not be *just* as low as you want it, but the performance and quality are there (Hardware SSD Caching with RAID 10, good network , Xeon E5 CPUs, etc.).
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    Pre Black Friday Sale - SSD Cached Xen VPS - Starting at $7/mo. for 512MB/20GB RAID 10 SSD/4 Cores -

    Busy busy busy, but I'll post them / send them in a little bit :) This is the kind of subject that can turn an offer listing into a 3~4 page debate ;-). There are many types of DoS and DDoS attacks, for example level 7 attacks can be somewhat mitigated with a decent web server set up on the...
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    How to waste ad money.

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    Pre Black Friday Sale - SSD Cached Xen VPS - Starting at $7/mo. for 512MB/20GB RAID 10 SSD/4 Cores -

    We don't resell their services, neither do we use a reseller. Instead we use their infrastructure directly.
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    Pre Black Friday Sale - SSD Cached Xen VPS - Starting at $7/mo. for 512MB/20GB RAID 10 SSD/4 Cores -

    We are excited to present our Pre Black Friday sale on! Bellow are our SSD Cached VPS packages and the coupon codes are located next to each package. For any other hosting package found on our web site you can use promo code pbf25off in order to receive a 25% discount for life...
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    Nginx redirect http to https

    Here is how to do this the right way: server { listen; server_name; return 301$request_uri; } ... and then of course you can create another server {} block within the same config file for the https version...
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    For Sale: XenForo 1.2 License + Resources Module + Artodia Black Responsive Skin - $179 (worth $239)

    I have wanted to start a forum for a while, however I don't have the time to do so. I have purchased a XenForo license a little while ago, the Resource Manager Module and the Artodia Black Responsive Skin (one of the best, if not the best XenForo skin out there). This is how the package breaks...
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    Best free DNS hosting?

    I don't like DNS providers that nickel and dime customers, DNS Made Easy being one of them.
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    Whats your home connection speed?

    Around these parts ISPs think that fiber is just part of a healthy diet. Good ol' American copper FTW! I doubt that anyone here can beat @Kenshin's home connection.
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    Blesta v3 will arrive on August 14th, $250 branded licenses

    Does v3 come with a Stripe and working SolusVM module?
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    Urgently needed PHP4 hosting with port 993 allowed

    @Asim We can help you with this, check this out ->
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    Why high RAM vps?

    Why not?!
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    2 Years Prepaid CloudNS Premium Account For Sale - $30.00

    @kaniini I guess that you're looking for something like this: