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    Staminus sites offline - massively hacked

    Thank you - that's correct. We can't think of anything in the leaks that would directly impact our customers as Staminus is simply a filtering provider for us.
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    The gun thread

    Glock should be in front of any other purchases. Multiple Glocks...
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    Soo I moved to Birmingham, Alabama to work at KnownHost! :)

    lol yes. Including Sprite, Root Beer, Fanta, Pepsi, etc. All "Coke" down here. Welcome to the South.
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    Spamhaus listing us for being listed and will not remove listings now?

    SBL = terminate. Keeps things simple with SpamHaus.
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    Found on WHT - Quadranet expanding into Atlanta.

    Wonder which building they went with. Sounds like they're not in 56 / Telx.
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    The 2016 (USA) Presidential Election Thread

    Anyone watching the debate(s)?
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    The 2016 (USA) Presidential Election Thread

    @Bruce - That's extreme over-simplifying... On topic: I'll be interested to watch the debate on Thursday. We'll see if Rand regains any ground lost to Trump. I think one of the talk show hosts I listen to rightly pointed out that the recent troubles for Rand stem from the fact that Trump...
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    [RamNode] 10% OFF for LIFE on new SSD VPS! [DDoS Protection]

    RamNode - High Performance SSD and SSD-Cached VPSs   About Us 10% OFF for LIFE on any new SSD VPS! Coupon: SSD10 RamNode LLC exists for one purpose: to provide affordable VPSs with powerful features. Our years of hosting experience as both clients and providers have inspired us to offer...
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    Do you use a VPN for your normal internet browsing?

    Almost always on laptop, rarely on cell phone.
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    Greece - what's next?

    Not many clients impacted by this so far in terms of their hosting bills with us, but we're flexible for those who contact us.
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    Level3 buys DDoS mitigation company BlackLotus

    Their notice to existing customers mentions no near term changes, but that "over time, you will be able to take advantage of our robust, integrated DDoS Mitigation architecture backed by intelligence derived from our extensive threat visibility." Seems the merger is already well under way...
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    Hiring Senior Python Developer

    RamNode is looking for an experienced developer with a deep understanding of virtualization and web technologies to help build and maintain our in-house systems. Experience / Qualifications Expertise in Python, including Flask Familiarity with OpenStack Thorough, organized, detail-oriented...
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    Cavaliers OR Warriors

    Can't wait to see what Chef Curry cooks up.
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    Favorite Hollywood Actor ?

    Mark Wahlberg.or Dwayne Johnson. But no, I didn't see Pain and Gain. D: Nicolas Cage sucks, discuss.