Hiring Senior Python Developer

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  1. Nick_A

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    May 13, 2013
    RamNode is looking for an experienced developer with a deep understanding of virtualization and web technologies to help build and maintain our in-house systems.

    Experience / Qualifications

    • Expertise in Python, including Flask
    • Familiarity with OpenStack
    • Thorough, organized, detail-oriented mindset with a positive attitude toward problem solving
    • Ability to work well as part of a small, dedicated team
    • 3+ years of experience in a similar position
    The Senior Developer will collaborate with our CTO to design, build, and maintain RamNode's in-house systems as we transition into the cloud.

    This position is full-time and remote, although applicants must be located in the US. Hours are flexible. Compensation will be competitive with healthcare and retirement benefits included.

    Please email me at nick[at]ramnode[.]com to apply.
  2. ChrisM

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    Apr 2, 2013
    I wish I was stronger with Python or I would apply for this since it sounds interesting and something I would like to work on. I haven't touched Python since I built a MUD with it for a college project back in 2009.. 

    Good luck with the hunt for a developer! Lets hope the good ones aren't late to the party. ;)