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    Advice for a new host...

    Usually, it's a really, really bad idea for someone to start a LEB provider without knowledge (believe me, I've tried before and it's a horrible idea). Just think about it, what if an issue with something comes up that isn't fixable by rebooting/remaking the VPS or whatever simple fix? Yeah...
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    Dedicated server around $50/mo

    Alright, thanks then. I just put in a request to up my existing low-end dedi. This request is no longer needed.
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    Dedicated server around $50/mo

    With Dacentec and Wholesale Internet being totally out of stock right now, figured I'd ask since I'd like to get this server ASAP. This will be used for a few gameservers (one server with one or two possible in the future). I need: Quad Core CPU (Intel L5xxx or similar CPU) 8GB or more RAM...
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    Small code testing VPS

    Hi, I need a VPS around $2.50 to 3/mo for some PHP/MySQL code testing. I need: At least 10GB HDD/SSD (whichever) 512MB RAM  300 to 600GB bandwidth US location It will be used to code an open source PHP program on and test the code. If you can offer anything, thanks! I may also consider...
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    WHT Down

    A t-shirt saying "I was scammed out of $1200 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". :P
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    This is just not funny.

    Hottest Indiana got in recent years was last year, during that drought. We got to 107F one day last summer at the Indy airport.
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    24khost hacked?

    Clever. :P
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    (very brief) PhoenixVPS Xen SSD-Cached VPS Review OH CRAP I BROKE THE RULE.
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    (very brief) PhoenixVPS Xen SSD-Cached VPS Review

    NOTE: This is my first review, plus I really only had one issue so I didn't have a lot to say.   In July 2013, I recieved an SSD-cached Xen VPS from Phoenix VPS in Virginia.  From the first impression, Marc, the person I spoke to about this VPS, seemed like a very nice person, and was very...
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    KVM VPS for an open source project

    I want North Korea. Isn't there a datacenter in Pyongyang?
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    KVM VPS for an open source project

    PMed you. Thanks, I have my VPS I want to go with, close this please.
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    KVM VPS for an open source project

    I am working on a forum software and I need a good KVM VPS to host the site on. I just prefer KVM honestly. I'm looking for: 1GB RAM 50GB HDD 1TB BW or more At least 2 CPU cores Ubuntu 13.04 as an OS choice Located in the midwest or close (Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas, etc) Price...
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    Indiana guys I found you a deal!

    Yeah, it's a nice city. Anyways, I could run a LEB host from my home! Better than co-location deals in Indy (nFrame in Carmel wanted $300 for 1U IIRC). Kidding.
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    IPv6 Availability by City

    My ISP has IPv6, but let's see what HE says about peering: XO, Level3 and TWC. Any good?
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    Indiana guys I found you a deal!