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    Want to host new-built adult content sites

    Needing to have it offshore makes me think it's some kind of content which is illegal.
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    WHMCS Pricing Change?

    I still think it's bad practice to make changes like that - There are other revenue streams they could have explored before imposing a client limit. Just my opinion though.
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    vpsBoard's Future

    Same here. When it got shut down it was sad, the activity has really, really died. It's sad if that would be the case and neglecting the site like that, I'm sure there were lots of people who would have volunteered to keep things growing. The KH people seem better than that.
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    vpsBoard's Future

    Seems like the site is really dying, which is sad :( Are you guys doing anything to drive new traffic? @Jonathan I know running a forum can be as time consuming as a full time job, and running a company on top is a huge responsibility as well. It's just sad to see the lack of traffic here...
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    Need Help, buds. Need Windows VPS host

    How big is the forum? Are you looking to migrate an existing forum to a new host, or starting up a new forum? For the former, I'd say depending on size, a VPS is the way to go. The Latter, you may be able to get away with shared. Forums, especially ones like vBul that are older and clunkier...
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    WHMCS Pricing Change?

    I didn't notice until now, when I was looking for pricing on the WHMCS for licenses that they changed their pricing model in July to a 'tiered' model. It looks like their pricing went up too for the basic, that they cap at 250 clients, their next tier at 1000, and then finally the unlimited for...
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    Licensecart No Longer SolusVM Authorized Reseller

    Looks like their site is down now, I might have to hop on this license reseller bandwagon.
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    I've avoided bitcoin, I like the idea, I don't like the permanent-ness. If I don't get the service I paid for, I like knowing paypal or the CC company will take care of me.
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    vpsBoard's Future

    I've emailed twice, usually just get an accusation of lying, or no reply at all. I've been completely truthful and and more than pleasant.
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    vpsBoard's Future

    WHT banned me for making a second account after forgetting about/losing access to a long lost account. Now they won't respond to my helpdesk emails. I hate WHT, I really hope that this site can grow.
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    How about cryptocurrencies?

    It's a risky investment, especially with all these new altcoins floating around and popping up every other day.
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    billing portals

    Didn't know that. I could have sworn right around when my VPS got migrated, it was using WHMCS. Then again, that was a long time ago and I cancelled the service shortly after since it was no longer needed. What ticket system do you use, if you don't mind me asking? How well does it integrate?
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    Any good wordpress friendly web hosts?

    Most shared hosting and VPS servers will host wordpress just fine. It's when you have insane amounts of visitors or special requirements you should start look at a specialized provider or management. Obviously, you should always optimize when possible though ;)
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    Help me to make a right choice please ...

    Are either companies running any promotions?
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    TURNKEY INTERNET: cPanel/WHM Reseller | SSD RAID-10 | UnMetered GigE BW | FREE SSL & WHMCS & IPv6

    The Dedicated and VPS plans seem really expensive, like, it would be cheaper to just get a VPS, Cpanel/WHM License, and a WHMCS license - depending on the provider