WHMCS Pricing Change?

Discussion in 'Operating a Hosting Business' started by River, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. River

    River Member Verified Provider

    May 3, 2015
    I didn't notice until now, when I was looking for pricing on the WHMCS for licenses that they changed their pricing model in July to a 'tiered' model. It looks like their pricing went up too for the basic, that they cap at 250 clients, their next tier at 1000, and then finally the unlimited for almost $40/month.

    This kinda pisses me off. I'd understand if they did a cheaper plan, say $5/month for companies with less than 250 clients, but the price increase and the tiers just is bad business. I hope a lot of people switch to blesta, I know I'll be switching over.
  2. CenTex Hosting

    CenTex Hosting Member Verified Provider

    Dec 22, 2015
    They sent out several notices way before they did the price change. The way I look at it is its just another license fee like cpanel and so on. Now with changing the pricing means we get more updates and new things added then I have no issue with it.

    If you look at the biggest change is the auto update. The amount of time this saves you more than enough covers the difference in price. Just my 2 cents
  3. River

    River Member Verified Provider

    May 3, 2015
    I still think it's bad practice to make changes like that - There are other revenue streams they could have explored before imposing a client limit. Just my opinion though.
  4. zomgmike

    zomgmike Member Verified Provider

    Jul 17, 2013
    It's less strict than Ubersmith, at least, who limits other things like seats and devices in addition to clients (last I checked, at least.)
  5. Criot

    Criot Member Verified Provider

    Jan 10, 2015
    Don't forget that it's active clients, so if you have the settings in place which changes clients to 'inactive' when they have no products or services, this decreases the amount counting toward the limit.

    For most it's not going to be a significant increase, and most already have owned licenses in place anyway, but in reality if you're using WHMCS for your business and have over 1000 clients, you should really be able to fork out $40 a month for quite a vital part of your business very easily.
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  6. LiamCyrus

    LiamCyrus Member Verified Provider

    Oct 25, 2013
    After having to spend hours completely re-setting up my WHMCS environment (new server, reinstall nginx, php, mariadb, plugins, APIs, etc.) on two separate occasions because of their auto-updating failing and corrupting everything, I am absolutely never using that atrocity again.
  7. Servers4You

    Servers4You Member Verified Provider

    Mar 26, 2015
    To be fair, we have never used the auto-update feature as it has many issues with it, whether updating takes a long time or it fails & corrupts majority of the files, so to be safe, we do it manually for our WHMCS installations... With regards to the price hike, I don't particularly like it, but understand why they did it. They are trying to bring their software up to standards, bringing in new features (SSL, Stripe, Auto-Update), with 7.3, they are bringing in MailChimp Integration which allows us to email potential clients about pending carts they have etc, Social Media login/registration & many others that have literally been pending development for over 3 years (Stripe had been pending for just over 4 years). So if these features are now being implemented, I'm not going to complain about the price hike. But like @Criot said, if you have over 1000 clients, you should easily be able to fork out $40/mo.
  8. TierNet

    TierNet Member Verified Provider

    Sep 2, 2014
    They have been changing their pricing and have also discontinued annual plan that offered further savings. If you want to pay yearly, they instead ask you to add funds so that the invoice gets paid automatically. sigh.
  9. Lampard

    Lampard New Member

    Sep 22, 2017
    Well WHMCS is increasing their prices because many companies are using it. Now they want new companies to buy owned license because they know that by paying in terms, they will earn more profit. Blesta is better. Most companies have already moved to Blesta.
  10. stefiee

    stefiee New Member

    Oct 5, 2017
    blesta is better compared to WHMCS
    WHMCS-All around solid platform with a powerfull addons
    blesta-most customised options when it comes to billing and cost effetcive compared to WHMCS
  11. XiNiX

    XiNiX New Member Verified Provider

    Jul 21, 2014
    Their pricing is still better than HostBill . Blesta would be a great alternative for people looking fr cheaper license.
  12. HostOjo

    HostOjo New Member

    Oct 1, 2017
    Yes Shifting to Blesta is a very good choice as whmcs do not let small hosting providers a trial access.
    It means that even when we have to try how this thing works we have to buy a plan.
    There must be a trial period.
    And for the big hosting providers , they must already be using the lifetime liscence.
  13. DavidFeldman

    DavidFeldman New Member

    Nov 27, 2017
    I agree, the new pricing for WHMCS makes it less interesting than before. If we didn't own a license, we would for sure consider the other options more seriously.
  14. mobin

    mobin New Member

    Nov 28, 2017
    Yes, WHMCS pricing is over killing for small and medium-sized hosts and they have taken off the owned license model as well. Blesta or ClientExec are the best 2 low cost alternatives if you are ok to run your business with the features they offer.
  15. coreyman

    coreyman Active Member Verified Provider

    May 15, 2013
    What is a small to medium sized host to you? $100/mo profit for a small host to $500/mo profit for a medium host? I can see WHMCS hurting the bottom line with these numbers. In my opinion if you are doing $1,000's per month you are small, $10,000's per month you are medium, $100,000's per month you are large, $1,000,000's per month you are extra large/corporate. None of these incomes would be affected by a WHMCS license. It costs more in development time to get a product with this many features than just paying the monthly fee. Yes it does suck that WHMCS went up in price, I hated it too, but we can still afford it.
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  16. mobin

    mobin New Member

    Nov 28, 2017
    When I say the small host you already explained it. People who are running with minimal turnover should find this price increase little painful. Of course I agree they may be charging for what they provide, but the increase in price for the same product is bit difficult to digest when there is not much money to spend for it. Such people go for the optimal and cost-effective solution in all terms I believe and price increase when more features are added will make it more painful especially for billing system as it's not that easy to migrate over later.
  17. throttle

    throttle New Member

    Oct 25, 2018

    I would say go with blesta. Pretty straight for to set up.
  18. HostPlax.com

    HostPlax.com New Member

    Mar 13, 2019
    They charge high because providing lots of features but most of the providers do not need it or we never use all those features.
    I think you should try hands on blesta trial version before switching it.
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