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    Do something with VPSBoard!

    Please please please
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    Static website generator

    Sometimes the simplest changes take longer and involve more work then the original coding.
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    Glad to see it back. LET is chaos personified l'm happy to see anything other then IPB.
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    Static website generator

    God I wish they would. I like static sites but I don't have the time to code them from scratch.
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    Sadly AWS is a network of pure crap. 
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    Getting my First 100 Cllients,

    Late answer but they have already deadpooled and sold off the few customers they had. 
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    PayPal Demands That Seafile Monitor Customers Uploaded Files

    German illegal content USA illegal content or Dutch illegal content? Different things for each so what would it be? In Germany anything Nazi is usually illegal but fine in  the USA.
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    PayPal customers in Turkey will no longer be able to receive or send money as of June 6

    Personally I prefer to use PayPal period. I don't like giving card details to unknown hosts.
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    Wable Drops boot and kicks bundled customers.

    More like lack of interest.  Everyone knows Gordons attitude and policies. It's easy to find them mentioned all over the net. Anyone that ignores this or doesn't even bother to look has no base to complain. The bundle was handy when my daughter was doing a lot of test site builds. Once she quit...
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Well that's interesting.
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    Crissic making a return

    Seasoned? As in salt and vinegar? 
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    The Great Netflix VPN Block of 2016

    Netflix has no say in the matter, if they don't show they're blocking those customers then they get penalized to a much higher cost.  It's a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation they have to choose the route of the lowest loss.
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    Should universal internet access be a human right?

    At the best we have a local telco with fiber in and close to town. 10 meg ADSL where I live. Some 20 meg cable. The rest is dial up. I moved to dad's old place just to get the ADSL and away from dial up or satellite.