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    Streaming content to TV from either NAS or DIY computer

    Although you've already gone with the Raspberry Pi, I *just* finished researching non-DIY NAS solutions for a friend and thought I'd chime in with what I came up with with regards to your original question. After a few nights of investigation, I settled on the QNAP TS-451 4 bay NAS, currently...
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    Requesting photo ID via email OK?

    Great suggestions, all. I think I'll use a combo of redaction and obfuscated hosting to handle this. Thanks for helping a poor, paranoid soul.
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    Requesting photo ID via email OK?

    I don't mind the registrar having the ID (hence the request for a secure upload), but yeah...I'm not keen on a third party, man-in-the-middle, getting a hold of it. What's on it? My picture, address and DOB to start. Plus, if the scan itself was good enough to prove my ID to the registrar...
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    Requesting photo ID via email OK?

    I was recently asked by a registrar to send a copy if my photo ID via email to confirm my name. When I declined and asked if they could provide some sort of secure upload for the requested scan, I was told they didn't have an alterative. Is sending/receiving sensitive documents over unencrypted...
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    Domain Registrars?

    Well, I did give Gandi a shot and have experienced what business hours, email only support is like. When I created my Gandi account, I mistakenly used a shortened version of my first name, rather than the full one (think Tim vs Timothy). When initiating the transfer of my domain from Namecheap...
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    Domain Registrars?

    Hmmm...I wasn't aware of that, but I'm OK with non-voice support so long as they're responsive.
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    Domain Registrars?

    I've been wanting to play with DNSSEC for a while, but my current registrar (namecheap) has really been dragging their heels on implementing such an important feature. Gandi and GoDaddy both offer DNSSEC, but Gandi seems to offer decent pricing vs GoDaddy when private reg is factored in. Anyone...
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    Might wanna recompile or patch that OpenSSL, buddy (4/7/2014)

    Thanks, that makes sense. I didn't factor tripwire modification monitoring into the equation. Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
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    Might wanna recompile or patch that OpenSSL, buddy (4/7/2014)

    As a curious hobbiest, I'm a bit confused about something... Heartbleed has prompted much discussion about the need to change passwords and reissue/revoke SSL certs, but it seems to me that there's at least one more potential level of evil here. If secure comms have, potentially, been...
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    2014 Android rooted cheap tablet recommendations

    It requires a small bit of futzing around, but the Nook HD+ give pretty good bang for the buck at $150. Buy the download version of the N2A card for $20, slap that onto a cheap microSD card, boot from said microSD card and you've got a nice 8.9" CyanogenMod based tablet with root. If you feel...
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    Forced mobile version?

    I think the SSL change borked Tapatalk at some point. Once the problem was fixed, I had to delete and re-add vpsboard in Tapatalk in order for it to work. Since then, it's been working just fine. Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
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    What vps do you have and what are you doing with them?

    KnownHost VPS-2 (1024MB Virtuozzo): DNS hosting & personal web hosting for self, family & friends. BuyVM 250GB Storage VM (256MB KVM): Offsite backups of KH sites & (TBD) ownCloud instance. FlipHost 100GB Storage100 (256MB OpenVZ): More offsite backups of KH sites and testing of new stuff...