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    Automatically provision dedicated servers... how?

    Centralized management is a must - machines should all be on their own VLAN, and you can forward DHCP off to your management server to choose the prefix from the database. DB driven DHCP makes the PXE boot option a lot easier for handling automated installs. Another option is to interface with...
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    Best 144hz gaming Monitor for around/under $300

    Pretty happy with my ASUS VG248QE, ~250usd
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    Who was your first VPS provider?

    I had my first shell account in 2002, but my first VPS was old pre-BuyVM Frantech back in 2007.
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    Remote recording of FM radio

    I'm surprised how clear that signal looks despite you having the hardware AGC enabled. Those spurs are present since the AGC is overdriving the crap out of the poor thing. Best luck I've had is between 9-17dB gain manually configured. Even then my non-TXCO sticks still show tons of spurious...
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    looking for 10 vps with residential ips

    Does such a thing really exist? Are there 10-20 hosts even offering that?
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    AnyNode to shut down

    Bit late to the party here, but FYI we're still offering managed services, VPS and dedicated servers under our primary brand ASG ( - it isn't budget pricing however. If you're looking for budget services in Detroit I do recommend Srvis ( - they're...
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    Review - AnyNode OpenVZ 1GB

    @wlanboy thanks for the update. @MannDude - we'll have some KVM stock available in about a week, but you can always submit a ticket and we can work out setting up a VM for you.
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    Post your workspace/workarea/job sites :D

    Just another Friday at the anyNode NOC... bit messy right now.
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    List KVM Providers with IPv6 and a few extras

    @tonyg - Just make a note of the requirement in the order and we'll make sure you're provisioned on the correct type of node.
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    List KVM Providers with IPv6 and a few extras

    CPU speed is 2.27GHz, à la Xeon L5520. We do have nodes with X5550 CPUs as well, which still come up short at 2.67GHz. I see the ticket, looks like it was closed with no response. My apologies on not getting a reply back to you.
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    List KVM Providers with IPv6 and a few extras

    Hey @tonyg, what medium did you try to contact us through? I don't have any unanswered inquiries, so I'd like to see where the disconnect is. Unfortunately our KVM doesn't meet the requirement - we don't offer any CPUs over 3 GHz at this time.
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    should i make a freebsd openvz template?

    Or you know, you could just use jails.
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    14 Zettabytes!

    Since it's just the boot partition, might be easier to just make a new filesystem and reinstall the kernel/bootloader.
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    Disgusting Warning: Starbucks VIA

    The sheer number of people that buy Starbucks and consider it to be quality coffee is just staggering. It doesn't matter what you get, it always tastes burnt and acidic.