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    Looking for reseller

    I use Turnkey Internet and got in a 50% off program a couple of years ago. WHMCS included for $15/mo. Might want to see what specials that have going on.
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    Arch Hosting VPS From $4.99/m 24/7 Support 1 Gbps 99.99% SLA USA

    Your 4GB KVM says 19.99/yr.... My guess is typo... Otherwise, I'd take 2 of those. :)
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    Home Automation

    Well, this happens to be one of my favorite hobbies that I hope to make cheaper soon... :) I started off using X10 boxes, outlets, switches etc. about 15 years ago when a buddy mentioned how he had done some things to his house 10 years before that. Sure was a great idea. Christmas became all...
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    What smartphone do you guys use?

    iPhone 5 w/ iOS7... Love it!
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    Recovering data from old desktop drives

    R Studio and freezer method. Used both and haven't lost data yet... 
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    IOS 7. Meh.

    Looks to me like they have incorporated a lot of the jailbreaks that people have been leaving the iOS for.  Works a bit faster on my iPhone 5 than I thought it would. So far, no complaints. I agree about the cartoony feel of it, but perhaps, just perhaps they are going to allow templates. This...
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    Anyone here using other than Google for search

    Been using Dogpile for many moons now...
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    What's for Lunch?

    Salmon with Rice Pilaf and Spaghetti Squash...  Pretty good!
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    The Ads look good

    I really like them as well... Some pretty good deals too! 
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    BlueVM KVM 512 MB (NY)

    I've had the same experience with BlueVM. Actually got a VPS when your review was posted. Great service... Really like Feathur also.. 
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    What's for Lunch?

    Just a Sobe Strawberry Daiquiri flavored beverage for me... i.e. fruit juice for the most part..
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    What is size of your Monitor?

    I'm starting to get monitor envy...
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    What is size of your Monitor?

    @pcan must be the pressure I put and has partial bonding.. Interesting!
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    What is size of your Monitor?

    I've been too lazy over the last few years to actually find out... It's kind of funny, I can press in on the bezel at the top of the start of the line and it goes away for awhile.   Seems to be no rhyme or reason to it as it only happens ever so often but at least daily...  Laptop gets more use...
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    What is size of your Monitor?

    Single 19" LCD with a green line going thru it at times on a desktop... mostly use my laptop with a 17" screen...