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    Wable Drops boot and kicks bundled customers.

    vpsboard only exist to blame colocrossing and the shell company. when someone bring wable/delimiter etc only few people respond :D of conflict of interest ? :)
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    Dacentec - Unreliable Network Ran by Amateurs - Recommendations

    how about admin/mod move delimiter downtime to it's own thread? :D WHT Link :
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    Dacentec - Unreliable Network Ran by Amateurs - Recommendations

    +1000000000000 he talk trash every budget provider out there, and turn every thread about the other downtime their sales thread. Let's wait what his execuse :)
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    Who is your fave premium Wordpress studio?

    Schema from mythemeshop and Divi from elegant themes +10000
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    How do you pronounce 'router'?

    depend on your country, in my country (id)  ru + ter
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    Digital Ocean Reseller?

    do you read OP?
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    Digital Ocean Reseller?

    are you high?
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    The next iteration of

    502 Bad Gateway since yesterday :)
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    Is RAID worth it in your home desktop?

    some of my hardisk 10 years in service never has problem, some of them only has 1 month life. so that the reason don't do raid? none can guarantee when your hardisk die, No matter what skill do you have to recovery data, copy data from other hardisk (RAID) much faster and almost has identical...
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    Is RAID worth it in your home desktop?

    personally I use 256 GB for OS, RAID 1 = 2x 2 TB WD for storage. when you lost your data please don't cry, I know raid is not a backup, that why I backup my data to few different location/country.
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    another update another broken link

    I don't remember, I've that on my bookmark.
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    another update another broken link

    What's going on vpsboard? 1st update link to latest post gone (few week/month ago) 2nd update link to /activity gone (few day ago) replaced with discovery content, when you use mobile to browsing vpsboard you'll know how hard to find latest post, do you really need to change URL every time...
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    VPS: (From $1.83/mo)

    where's your dc and test IP?
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    Leaseweb Opens up VPSes in Singapore

    Traceroute from Indonesia   traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 eh.kok ( 0.306 ms 0.344 ms 0.393 ms 2 ( 1.530 ms 1.499 ms 1.549 ms 3 ( 5.525 ms 5.772 ms 5.992 ms 4...