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    What virtualization are you using? OpenVZ, Xen, or KVM?

    using openvz on my service, loving it.
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    How to rebuild your company image?

    Consider getting a 9-5 job, and running a free service in the evenings. Treat your free service as a learning experience, if you can make a free service work well, then you can certainly handle a paid service (as you'll have built up a ton of skills and scripts to monitor abuse, migrate people...
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    German Email Provider Pulls Servers from United States

    Yeah, fair points, definitely seems like a saving face tactic. Though I wouldn't want to be an email provider pulling out of somewhere with (presumably) a large established/assigned IPV4 pool from the datacenter... and taking my services back the EU where there are no massive ip blocks to be had...
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    German Email Provider Pulls Servers from United States

    Almost all bandwidth providers across the EU operate in the USA also or are owned by US companies. (level3,, cogent, etc). You think just because the network is in Germany that they're not running prism? lol. pulling out their USA servers probably has zero effect on the percentage of...
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    Countries with Data Privacy Protection Laws

    Iceland's bandwidth connections are provided by the EU and the USA, those lines are definitely port mirrored, as are all ports leaving the usa and uk. Port mirroring has been going on in little rooms in datacenters for the past 10 years, this is nothing new. 
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    New here, am i allowed to ask for input/reviews of my service?

    I wouldnt say an 80gig network and thousands of physical servers is small, presumably you mean they're small compared to softlayer but massive compared to everyone on this board. Personally I like being able to talk to a ceo of a small company, but maybe im biased because he bought me a beer at...
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    New here, am i allowed to ask for input/reviews of my service?

    respectfully disagree.... they host simplenode, catalysthost, fliphost, and some other vps providers from what i see on their facebook I used to do remote hands at a dc here in chicago, ive always loved tech stuff. The way I ended up with an incero server is by meeting them at sxsw (music...
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    New here, am i allowed to ask for input/reviews of my service?

    i'd appreciate any feedback now that the new design is live. I still need to ajaxify the vps status' e.g. when deployed it should change to green without reloading the page...
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    Post your ride

    <---- my ride, see my gravatar. i live in the city
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    XFPs for Juniper MX routers

    I can confirm that Brocade XFP optics will work fine in Juniper MX routers, they're a lot cheaper. Just keep some spares as you would for any optical device.
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    BLUE VM down !

    I find it hard to believe someone didn't know the fiber paths crossed, probably a cost saving. I've worked with some small datacenters before and when ordering fiber there is a long process of route planning and diversity planning, specifically it affects the build cost. You end up with a map...
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    Anonymous Web-host shut down, owner arrested; Tor users compromised by Javascript exploit

    I wonder if this has anything to do with thepiratebay being down.
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    Home security systems?

    We have retards calling 911 over happy meal disputes, thus we can't rely on a fast police response time. It takes 30 seconds to force entry into a home, it takes ~7-15 minutes for cops to show up. A lot of criminals here are armed, on drugs, or both...
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    Home security systems?

    I have: - simplisafe - dropcam(.com)  - german shepherd - 2x glock17 in our bedside tables if the camera, the security system, and the dog all fail, then god please bless my bullets.