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    Welcome back everyone! These are exciting times!
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    Dedicated server (IP announce, single VLAN for multiple units, IPMI)

    Hello everyone, I'm after the following and expect people here may be able to help. The following specs are my minimum requirements or anything equivalent is acceptable. Dual Intel Xeon X5650 48GB RAM 4 x 1TB HDD Hardware RAID Controller 30TB on 1Gbps Port IPMI /30 IPv4 Single...
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    vpsboard software getting even more annoying

    Honestly since the link changed to view the new content (a while ago now) I have been A LOT less active on here. If it sound like I'm whining, that's because I am. I know there is a like for it now but it's just not the same. The old way of listing new content was 100% better on mobile and...
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    Crissic has been acquired by Quadranet

    Ok, I agree that a lot of people buy because of the owner. I guess that's just something I don't fully understand. When I see an LLC or a Pty Ltd company I couldn't care less who owns it as long as they hold their end of the sales contract. Different people want different things, I totally get...
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    Crissic has been acquired by Quadranet

    I don't really understand why everyone is hurt about not being told. You are a customer of a company, you always have been. If the shareholders change it's really none of your business, you are a customer of a company not a single person. Nothing has changed from your point of view. It's like...
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    Cheapest backorder service (or alternative)?

    I use've had fantastic success with them.
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    DigitalOcean Migration

    I imagine it will be much quicker, this is just to give people a timeframe for the downtime.
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    Server Porn, Hardware Porn, SSD Porn, or CPU Porn? Provided for your entertainment...

    Oh... I'd been drinking last night and for some reason thought you had but that graphics card on a mini-itx motherboard and it was a little ultraportable PC... My bad...
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    Server Porn, Hardware Porn, SSD Porn, or CPU Porn? Provided for your entertainment...

    This one interests me. Could you please share some more info on it?
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    What kind of VPS specs do you need for a GRE Tunnel only server?

    Try it and find out. You've been bragging about your cheap purchases. You shouldn't need much.
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    Help me with my WiFi speeds

    I'm currently using a shitty Billion 7800NXL. I'm very much willing to buy something else just to try and see if it helps.
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    Help me with my WiFi speeds

    I have tried wifi extenders and Ethernet over power adapters. No luck...
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    Help me with my WiFi speeds

    Hey everyone, I've encountered an issue with the speed of my WiFi. In the past my internet connection has only been 6Mbps so I have never had to worry about it, however now I have 100Mbps. I would like to point out that wiring cable is not possible. Currently able to pull 74Mbps over wifi...
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    Allowing a VPS/Dedicated server to receive SMS text messages ?

    Nexmo is also another good option.
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    BoltVM Gives Customers 30 Minutes Notice Of IP Address Changes

    Yet you don't have a line of credit able to pay a $1200 invoice? That seems a little irresponsible.