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    linode under ddos for past 2 days

    DDOS protection does nothing if the attacker is familiar with your network.  If they know all your application ports etc etc they can custom craft attack after attack making more sophisticated ddos protection methods a necessity.  Large enterprises can not depend on auto mode, but there is some...
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    ONAPP & SOLUS Alternative! Preview :)

    Looks interesting.   I would like to see elastic billing and how it works with WHMCS.  Would be a good home appliance system as well, but the billing model would make it more expensive than unraid.
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    Good Slides about Anycasting Anyone looking to do Anycast and wondering where to start here's a good rundown of what's needed and things you can do.  The biggest hurdles are being able to announce your own space or having carriers that will ensure it's routed...
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    Jonny Nguyen - GreenValueHost - Raided by Police.

    I had a client once who though they could pay a bill 2 weeks late, and that the day they paid the bill was due 30 days from that day.  Thinking they get 15 days free.  He was not a client for long.
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    ARIN Stock Changes Feb 2014 - Down to 1.38

    Their IP's will always be worth something.  It's very little paperwork to transfer ip ranges to the new owners and ARIN cares not if the company goes tits up after the transfer. I've seen a lot of pushing across several industries to get IPv6 deployed asap because they're not getting anymore...
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    Post ARIN Depletion

    ARIN's down to .20 now.  Not sure why they have not gone the route of RIPE and say /22 and you're done at this point.  Nobody's doing anything to encourage IPv6 adoption any faster.  Time the government stepped in and give tax breaks for purchases to enable IPv6.
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    With Storage there's only at this point anyways 2 choices.  OnApp IS, or SolidFire SAN.  Both have pros and con's.  3rd Party SAN's have no deep integration so you lose out on disk resizing I believe, but other operations should work.  Check with OnApp in either case.
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    End Sites get a /48 of IPV6?

    Yes /64's are basically for all intents and purposes a host IP.  When were doing point to point links we'll use /126's, but that's for other reasons.  There's been some talk back and forth of why you want to use a /126 for p2p links vs a /64 which deals with spoofing and DDOS attacks in general...
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    What to do when VPS IP block gets added to SpamHaus?

    Use a external mail sending service such as mandrill especially if you depend on mail delivery.  There's a free tier and the cost per email is insanely low.
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    Skills needed to work in datacenters?

    CCNA/CCNP RHCE Also you might be sorely disappointed a lot of these jobs don't require you to go to the data center.   There's also power and mechanical, structured cabling, as routes towards working in a data center. Also remember you're talking about a small piece of the system.  There's...
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    What is better: Renting or owning your hardware?

    For a startup it's probably best to buy used hardware.  RTO may also be a good alternative, but make sure you can source replacement hardware.  Many places doing RTO is just trying to get rid of old stock servers and may not have any spare hardware around.  In either case always stay N+1 on your...
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    Linux install continually fails. Any ideas?

    Try a different hard drive?
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    Soooo I got screwed by Phones4U my pre-ordered IPhone6 got canceled

    In the US it's illegal to charge for a product until it's shipped usually.
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    DigitalOcean vs Vultr vs Mothership1?

    Our new OnApp setup is active. Arista Switches SolidFireSAN 2x10GB SAN using MLAG 2x10GB Internet using MLAG Everything is built 2N
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    Internet routing table breaks 512,000 routes

    No vote required.  Nobody will be allowed to announce anything smaller than a /24 period.  Some upstreams will accept /25's but only local to the AS it gets filtered upstream. As it stands there are too many people de aggregating to /24's as space gets more fragmented for various reasons. The...