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    Zenith Hosting | 10+ locations | VPS starting @$5 | On a budget? We got you!

    Hello VPSboard! Hope you all are doing good. I'm William from Zenith Hosting and would like to present our brand new offers on VPS and Dedicated servers!  Exciting offers are listed below and now we are also accepting BitCoin and PayPal. You can a VPS at $5 ! Isn't that cheap?! So what...
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    You're all doing it wrong.

    Extremely educational, love the high quality post!
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    CentOS released for ARM devices!

    That got me excited :)
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    How do you do staff?

    I have just started it and i'm playing by the ear.
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    Tesla Model 3 Officially Unveiled!

    Definitely getting one of this futuristic car in the future
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    Introduction thread

    Hey people! I'm here to offer my VPS and Dedi at an extremely affordable price.
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    Running your own mail server

    Thank you for the tutorial
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    [Simple] Testing Server Performance

    Thank you for the tutorial
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    Who was your first VPS provider?

    My first was OVH
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    EU / east coast based Windows VPS

    Hey there, check out one of cheapest servers available. Zenith-hosting Add us on skype if you have any questions
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    cheap vps near San Francisco

    $5/Month Open a support ticket with requirements and we can make that happen :) Skype.