1. Jono20201

    OrbitServers || 128MB VPS - $6/semi-annually || Phoenix, AZ - Buffalo, NY

    Hey VPSBoard,   Orbitservers has been in business nearly a year, and is owned and operated by MPSERV LLC, a company that started out hosting game servers over two years ago. With a proven track record of lightning fast 24/7/365 customer support, 99.9% Uptime, quality hardware, we are quickly...
  2. vanarp

    How to Optimize Apache for 128MB VPS?

    In general Apache is known to consume much more memory than Nginx. But I keep coming across comments like "if configured properly Apache works fine too". so I am looking for how to optimize Apache on a 128MB VPS and yet handle as much traffic possible. It will also be useful if you can provide...