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    2GBVPS.COM 2nd anniversary special $8.40/mo yearly 4GB OpenVZ VPS in UK/FR/DE/CH & US is proud to announce our 2nd anniversary! Started in late 2012 we sold our first VPS in January 2013, and actually still have that customer! We started on the back of the trend providing low cost 2GB virtual machines, but instead of crowding users onto the nodes like the big boys...
  2. blergh

    NodeDeploy - [DE] KVM CRAZYNESS! 2GB/50GB/2TB/2IPV4/20IPV6 for $3.5 - 50% off first month!

                                                             NodeDeploy is as strong as ever after being acquired by Xavvo Ltd ( in October of 2013. We are happy to announce that both our support and hardware as well as network have received a big overhaul in recent months, this...
  3. ryanarp

    [TX]Catalyst Host: $30/Year 256MB(KVM) and $7 2GB(openVZ) Limited Stock

    Catalsyt Host - Stop shopping, start hosting Lets Just Get To The Point :) $30/Yearly | $15/Semi Tall KVM Promo 75% Off For Life [VPSBkvmPROMO] Limited Stock $7/Month OpenVZ 2GB Trenta Promo ( Limited Stock About Us For those of you guys who don’t...