NodeDeploy - [DE] KVM CRAZYNESS! 2GB/50GB/2TB/2IPV4/20IPV6 for $3.5 - 50% off first month!


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NodeDeploy is as strong as ever after being acquired by Xavvo Ltd ( in October of 2013.
We are happy to announce that both our support and hardware as well as network have received a big overhaul in recent months, this has significantly improved our response-time network and support-wise. This means that we are now focusing entirely on our core location in Frankfurt, Germany (GlobalSwitch) meaning the same low prices as before, but with a much improved service!

Our hostnodes all utilize E5 or E3-processors with a minimum of 16GB of RAM
per physical server. Each server is connected at 1Gbps to the Internet.

* 2 Cores
* 50GB HDD
* 2TB Transfer on Gigabit
* 2 IPv4
* 20 IPv6
Sign me up! -> 50% off first month with promo-code: ermahgerd

Our Acceptable Usage Policy (AuP) is available here

(We do NOT allow; *coin-miners, CCam, OSCam or similar CPU/Disk-intensive applications.)

Pricing is recurring at $7/m or $65/y after this initial 50% off month.
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