artificial intelligence

  1. matinesds

    Cloud Technology becomes more intelligent with AI

    Cloud Technology becomes more intelligent with AI It is very much clear about the potential of cloud technology and its positive effects on businesses, both huge and small. The cloud technology, no doubt has evolved to a great deal since its inception. One was auto-scaling and to refine it...
  2. M

    EnlightBot- An AI-Enabled, Multi-lingual Specialist Chatbot Platform

    With chatbots being introduced to the core business areas like customer services, sales and marketing, HR-related functionalities, payments, and billing, technical assistance helps in reducing 80% of calls and messages. The specialized chatbots are now managing almost all these primary business...
  3. matinesds

    The Fusion of Future Technologies – AI and Cloud Computing

    Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing are considered the two most advanced technologies in a single theme. Today, AI is becoming an indispensable component across every industry vertical, ranging from industries like Hospitals to Tourism. It is also proven that AI can be formulated to...
  4. M

    ESDS Smart City Community Cloud – Developing Future-Ready Smarter Cities with Advanced Technologies

    Smart Cities are also known as the cities of the Future. All the developed and upcoming smart cities in India today have various solutions that benefit its citizens in numerous ways. However, there are various challenges while developing Smart Cities like- legacy infrastructure, data security...
  5. M

    EnlightBot- AI-Enabled Specialist Chatbot Platform

    Chatbots have proven to reduce 80% of phone calls and emails previously managed by humans and carry out some of the core business functionalities without human interventions. ESDS' EnlightBot is a specialized, AI-enabled chatbot platform that helps BFSI customers round-the-clock by providing...
  6. drmike

    Microsoft creates AI bot that spams Twitter with Overt Racism

    Craziest mess I've seen in many years. Microsoft released a Tweeting bot the public could interact with. Allegedly an AI project.  Quickly the bot went to insulting Mexicans, Jews and blacks. MS blames it on troublemakers finding exploits in the bot.   Me I think the creators of the bot...
  7. MartinD

    Stephen Hawking on AI - "Could end the human race"

    From the BBC Technology section: "Prof Stephen Hawking, one of Britain's pre-eminent scientists, has said that efforts to create thinking machines pose a threat to our very existence." Not sure what I think about it all but it would be a real...