1. drmike

    Reserving Disk Space you Purchased from the Oversold VPS providers

    So, you bought one of those super duper under-priced and guaranteed to be oversold VPS packages.  You know, one of those featuring 50GB, 100GB or even more disk space. Wisely, you bought it on a special, and now are letting it idle and season to see if it is reliable before deploying it. All...
  2. Amitz

    Your backup/storage VPS recommendations in the EU?

    Howdy fellows, I am looking for your recommendation concerning reliable storage/backup VPS providers in the EU. Specs: 256+ MB RAM 60+ GB RAID-HDD 100mbps+ Port 200 GB+ Traffic Virtualization could be OpenVZ, Xen, KVM. I would prefer every location that is NOT in the UK for...
  3. V

    Looking for a VPS that allows me to take snapshots easily

    Hey there, I'm working on a project and it'd be nice if I could easily create snapshots of my VPS data to restore easily later if need be. Basically, i'm working on a learning project and would hate to get to a point where I mess something up so badly that I have to start from point blank like...