1. TurnkeyInternet

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  2. E

    EludedHost - LIFETIME DISCOUNTS - 99.99% - cPanel - Cloudlinux - Litespeed, R1soft Daily Backups - I

    Are you looking for a premium solution that comes at an affordable pricing? Our hosting is geared towards small individuals and business's that are looking for the next step in the right direction. Make that right step and choose EludedHost for your next project or business venture! Current...
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  4. HalfEatenPie

    Android Phone Full Regular Backups

    Howdy folks! So recently there was a situation where a phone we had lost all of it's pictures via user error (User deleted all of their pictures accidentally when they wanted to delete one picture).  So I'm doing what I can to try and do data recovery, but it's not going too well (Recuva's...
  5. drmike

    Customer Accessible Backups from within SolusVM?

    Any providers around here have addon/module/functionality within Solus where a customer can self manage backups and deal with fetching files from prior backups?
  6. TruvisT

    HP MicroServers

    Anyone else have or used them? We have been grabbing them when we find great deals on them and using them for local businesses. They are great little system. You can pack up to 16GB in them and throw in a RAID 10 or 2xRAID 0,1 with an optional SSD drive in place of the optical drive. You can do...
  7. tchen

    How to do encrypted backups with duply/duplicity

    Duply is a thin command line wrapper around duplicity, handling configuration, keys and pre-post scripts.  You can still pass in duplicity options directly, but this just makes things so much nicer. This guide assumes You are running Debian You want to backup selective parts of your system to...
  8. drmike

    RamNode changes backup policy for CVZ-E5, CKVM-E5 Plans

    Just got this from RamNode:
  9. C

    How are you handling backups?

    How are you guys handling backups? I am looking for some new ideas. We all know rsync and stuff, but I am really wanting a script that can sftp over data to another server. I am a tutorial following kind of guy, and I can't seem to find anything that comes across as good to me anymore. Do you...
  10. Zach

    SouthBendServers - Daily Backups, $5.75/month 512MB, 75GB Disk

    About Us Registered LLC in Indiana (Sustainable Data Centers, LLC) Operate out of Colostore (1/4th rack) Est. Feburary 2013 Our Offers Included daily offsite backups IPv6 upon request (ticket) (tunneled) Self-Managed/Un-managed Choice of Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, SuSE and more...
  11. V

    Whats your backup plan for production sites?

    Curious to learn what others here do for backups for their production sites. I've got a cron that runs every 30 minutes to backup the DB offsite to another VPS with another provider and the WWW directory every 2 hours. I feel this is sufficient and it's nice knowing that in a 'shit hits the...