bare metal

  1. VirtualGuy

    Truxgo Dedicated | Bare Metal Servers - Multiple Locations - Powerful Hardware

    Dedicated/Bare Metal Servers with Truxgo Rent a Bare Matel/Dedicated Server with Truxgo. Truxgo's dedicated services are available on multiple locations worldwide, offering the best speed, hardware and reliability. With up to 64GB RAM, SSD Storage, multiple CPU support, and different Linux...
  2. ServerHunter

    Server Hunter - Search and compare among tens of thousands virtual and dedicated servers

    Server Hunter is an online platform for searching and comparing virtual and dedicated server plans from hundreds of different hosting providers. The vast majority of the servers are automatically retrieved and updated every 24 hours. Visit and start sorting and filtering...
  3. dataplugs

    [] 1Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth Offer | Hong Kong Dedicated Server

    Dataplugs is one of Asia’s largest hosting providers in Hong Kong. We have 10 years of dedicated experience in Web Hosting, Dedicated Server and Colocation. High Bandwidth for Ever-rising Needs 【1Gbps Dedicated International Bandwidth Offer】 Upgrade your dedicated server to higher bandwidth...
  4. DomainBop

    Scaleway Cloud Launches x86-64 C2 Servers: Dedicated Avoton C2550 and C2750

    Scaleway added x86_64 dedicated Avoton's to their cloud mix today.  All offerings are dedicated bare metal servers with unlimited transfer,  LSSD storage (the €23.99 offering also includes 250GB DSSD storage) new offerings: €11.99month Avoton C2550 4 Dedicated x64 Cores 8GB Memory 50GB...
  5. BBGN Brian

    BBGN - Dual E5620 48GB RAM, 2x2TB HDD with Hardware Raid -- $75/m, E3s @ 50% off!

    ████ Welcome to Big Brain Global Networks █████ Who are we? Big Brain Global is a privately owned division of Big Brain LLC, the industry’s premier provider of commercial and consumer managed IT services. A carefully assembled team of business and IT experts deliver top-quality services on...