bgp tunnel

  1. cubixcloud

    BGP (GRE) Tunnel w/ and w/o DDoS Protection

    Hello, Looking for BGP (GRE) Tunnel w/ DDoS protection and/or one without DDoS protection to announce some of our direct allocations IPv4/6 through. Requirements: BGP Tunnel (IPv4/IPv6) BGP Communities (not really necessary) Default-route only Public ASN 100 Megs or...
  2. cubixcloud

    BGP Tunnel Central US (or KVM VPS)

    I am looking for a provider located Central US that can provide a BGP tunnel for transit and turn it up by Tuesday, August 11, 2015 end of business day or later. I can provide LOA and will need the provider to adjust their prefix list to account for at least one IPv4 /22 and IPv6 /36...