BGP (GRE) Tunnel w/ and w/o DDoS Protection


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Looking for BGP (GRE) Tunnel w/ DDoS protection and/or one without DDoS protection to announce some of our direct allocations IPv4/6 through.


BGP Tunnel (IPv4/IPv6)
BGP Communities (not really necessary)
Default-route only
Public ASN
100 Megs or Gigabit bandwidth unmetered
Location: Dallas or Kansas City (or central close)
Quick turnaround turn up
24/7 support via email/ticket/phone

Go with your best offers!

Thanks you in advance!


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I'd ask Francisco at BuyVM @Francisco. Unsure if they are offering all of this, but some of it is overlap with what they commonly offer.
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There are a lack of companies doing network service offerings like this.   Wish more would get into offering such.


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We spoke with someone interested in protection in the Dallas area a few weeks ago was this you? If so unfortunately your budget was too small.

We can offer protection in the Dallas area, with or without BGP announcement. However at our pricing level its not feasible to offer phone support, and generally speaking we don't offer unmetered services (our Bandwidth prices in Dallas are not exactly cheap).

However feel free to contact us if you are still interested.


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Most providers should be able to offer this, you could get a dedicated server from a provider allowing BGP announcement and you could GRE tunnel it yourself via your server...