1. Mivocloud

    Fast Cloud Server on SSD with hourly billing

    Fast Cloud Server on SSD with hourly billing About Us: MivoCloud is the first IaaS Provider in Moldova. We created a simple Cloud Platform in Europe to bring new solutions and services for the contemporary market needs. Pay per hour Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers...
  2. MannDude

    How to diagnose issues with WHMCS not marking invoices as paid after payment?

    Bit of a strange problem that has been happening for too long. I run a WHMCS install to keep track of billing and accounting for the advertisers on vpsBoard and for most it works fine, however a couple accounts do not update automatically when invoices are paid. I know who these are and keep...
  3. Eric1212

    [For Hire] Part-time - Tickets / Live Chat - Sales, Billing, L1/L2 Support - Freelance Design - Flex

    Hello VPSBoarders and business owners, Hope you are all having a great long weekend and Easter with your families! I sure am!  I'm currently looking for part-time employment in the web hosting / design industry to expand my skills, gain experience, and earn some extra income.  My rate and...
  4. sv01

    Databasebydesign Failed

    Yesterday I got email (auto generate mail) Hello xxxxxxxx, Our records show that we have not yet recieved any payment on the invoice listed below. You can view this invoice and make payment using the following link. Please let us know if you have any questions or issues making payment...
  5. ModulesGarden

    OpenStack module for WHMCS

    Today ModulesGarden started the work on the module that has won our Modules Contest, a contest where everyone were able to vote and choose which module we should create and release. OpenStack module for WHMCS received 38% of votes and therefore has won the contest! This module will handle...
  6. XFS_Duke

    WHMCS Security Advisory TSR-2014-0001

    WHMCS released another security update... Atleast they're fixing issues regularly now. =========================================   Important Maintenance Issue Information ========================================= This Advisory provides resolution for the...
  7. drmike

    Dacentec RTO --- billing issues?

    Anyone else here have / had a Dacentec RTO that reached 12 month maturity/payoff?  Does Dacentec auto adjust the monthly rate or do you have to do a dance with them? Know someone with one and has been over paying for past 2 months - at same RTO rate.  
  8. J

    Anyone need free billing? :)

    Hi everyone, I've decided to 'open up' Loading Deck, i.e. make it free. More information is here. Also happy to answer any questions. If you do decide to use it, an announcement retweet or follow @loadingdeck on Twitter would be appreciated :) This is not specifically for web hosts, and web...
  9. wdq

    Blesta v3 will arrive on August 14th, $250 branded licenses

    I just got an email from Blesta where they announced their plans to launch Blesta v3 on August 14th. Owned branded licenses will be $250. Updates will cost $39/year. You can also get a leased branded license for $12.95/month. So the branded and unbranded owned licenses cost just about the same...
  10. concerto49

    Introducing Levarion: Billing/VPS/Dedi/Cloud Panel

    Announcement: Levarion serves as a base panel for a set of different modules: - Billing / Support - VPS - Cloud - Web Hosting - Monitoring - Dedicated Hosting - DNS - Many more - Will have an API to enable adding 3rd party modules   The Billing, VPS and Dedicated Module will be built...
  11. V

    Features you wish WHMCS would implement.

    I've got a love/hate relationship with WHMCS. It's great software, but I don't like the idea of there being 'industry standard' software for anything. Should be plenty of great viable options competing against each other. With that said, I've got some major gripes about WHMCS. I'll likely just...