How to diagnose issues with WHMCS not marking invoices as paid after payment?


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Bit of a strange problem that has been happening for too long. I run a WHMCS install to keep track of billing and accounting for the advertisers on vpsBoard and for most it works fine, however a couple accounts do not update automatically when invoices are paid. I know who these are and keep mental track of them and usually manually update the invoice as paid when I receive the PayPal notification however it's time I get this fixed permanently. I am uncertain why it is working fine for everyone else and not for these two individuals, looking through the accounts I can't seem to diagnose this.

So, anyone experience anything similar? What did you do to fix it?


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Do you receive the IPNs for these payments? Do they show under billing / gateway log? To they show under billing / transactions list? Are these subsriptions or manual payments?


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Login to Paypal and check the IPN logs there to see if Paypal thinks it's working. Are these 2 clients using a Paypal subscription? If you've ever changed the URL to your Paypal IPN callback file then you'll need to setup a redirect because Paypal subscriptions don't update the IPN unless you cancel and recreate the subscription.


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Are they recorded as payments at all?

Are they visible in the transaction log?

If they are from the Customers who have non-english characters in their details you need to configure IPN to use matching character set.


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had the same issue  with a few clients it turned out to be similar to the post above

  1. Log into PayPal
  2. Click the ‘Profile’ link in the menu bar under ‘My Account’
  3. Click the ‘Language Encoding’ link under the ‘Selling Preferences’ column
  4. Click ‘More Options’
  5. Set ‘Encoding’ to ‘UTF-8’
  6. Click ‘Save’
 that solved it for us