1. C

    Bitcoin Mixer 2020

    Hello dear crypto users! I would like to introduce my new bitcoin mixer Now about my product: - No Registration required for Tumbler. - Friendly interface - Multi address mixing function (forward mixed coins to different addresses) - Service fee minimum is 0.1 % - Delay - Less...
  2. incloudibly

    Swiss VPS 10% off this fall! [VMware, Full SSD, 10 Gbps, Zurich DC, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, WebMoney]

    SwissMade.HOST is a privacy-focused Swiss hosting provider for dedicated servers, VPS, cloud hosting, colocation and DDoS protection. We host our servers and network equipment at an ultra-secure carbon-neutral Interxion™ data-center in Zurich, Switzerland. Why VPS in Switzerland by...
  3. H

    HostShield LTD | Windows VPS | Linux VPS | 7.99$

    HOSTSHIELD LTD - Your #1 Hosting Provider Who are we ? ================ Hostshield Private LTD is a registered company located in London (Registration #11361679). We offer a wide range of services to our clients, you can rent a VPN, a VPS, a game server, a web hosting and even domain names ...
  4. Internoc24.HOST

    INTERNOC24.HOST ★ Core i7 7700K from 29,95 EUR ★ AMD EPYC 7351 from 99,95 EUR ★ BTC ★ BCH ★ ETH

    [ Internoc24 LLC ] | Chat with us | Email us: [email protected] | Follow us on: Twitter | Facebook Abouts Us: since 2007 provides a wide Range of Offshore Hosting Solutions such: Offshore Virtual Server (VPS), Offshore Dedicated Server (Rootserver) and also Offshore...
  5. Internoc24.HOST

    INTERNOC24.HOST ★ NEW YEAR OFFER ★ Offshore Dedicated Server ★ from 29.95 EUR € ★ BTC ★ BCH ★ ETH

    [ Internoc24 LLC ] | Chat with us | Email us: [email protected] | Follow us on: Twitter | Facebook Abouts Us: since 2007 provides a wide Range of Offshore Hosting Solutions such: Offshore Virtual Server (VPS), Offshore Dedicated Server (Rootserver) and also Offshore...
  6. incloudibly

    Offshore VPS | SSD - VMware - 10 Gbps | From $8/mo | Bitcoin - Ethereum - Dash

    Professional Bitcoin Hosting by CoinsHost Coinshost is a Swiss web hosting company that respects privacy. Being huge fans, enthusiasts and supporters for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology we also have great experience in providing web hosting services and mitigating against DDoS...
  7. incloudibly

    Switzerland VPS - SSD / 10 Gbps / VMware / DDoS Protection - Europe's Privacy Hub

    SWISSMADE.HOST is a privacy-focused dedicated server, VPS, cloud hosting, colocation and DDoS protection service provider that is located both legally and physically in Switzerland - the country that is renowned for its strict laws and regulations on privacy and data protection. We host our...
  8. DomainBop

    VPS Provider Internoc24 Offers Customers Commodity BTC Investment Opportunity

    Email sent by Internoc 24 LLC to customers offering an investment opportunity in Bitcoin (Internoc24 LLC is a hosting provider registered in Delaware as an LLC which has been the subject of many complaints in the past: search google and WHT) Internoc24 LLC is registered as a Delaware LLC but...
  9. incloudibly

    Professional VMware-based VPS in Zurich. Free DDoS protection. From $3/month.

    DDoS protected Bitcoin VPS in Zurich, Switzerland based on VMware ESXi hypervisor. Service is proudly provided by CoinsHost - a Swiss web hosting provider founded by cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Pricing starts at just $3 per month (minimum billing cycle - 1 month). Supported OS's: Linux &...
  10. InfinityDaniel


    Hello everybody,  I do a lot with bitcoin I mine bitcoin with a cloud bitcoin mining system and I invest in bitcoin and earn few dollars from this. I'm wondering who dose things with bitcoin and if they invest how much do they make and such.
  11. incloudibly

    Swiss based Xen VPS: Xeon CPU core, 512 MB Ram, 20 GB HDD, 1 TB of bandwidth, Bitcoin accepted - $28

    COINSHOST.COM is a Zurich-based web hosting company that provides professional virtual and dedicated server hosting, DDoS protection, colocation and other services.   Highly-available Bitcoin VPS XEN Hypervisor from $28/yearly CoinsHost provides Xen hypervisor and OnApp-based Virtual...
  12. drmike

    EU Dawns Terrorism Facemask to go after Bitcoin and non-banking payments

    Those of use gray in the head and who have seen these political theaters play out many times have been waiting. Reuters reporting: EU clamps down on bitcoin, anonymous payments to curb...
  13. mitgib

    Changes to the BitPay Free Plan

    Hi there, In an effort to provide better service to our expanding user base, BitPay will be adjusting our pricing plans October 1, 2015. Due to your volume and settlement preferences, we do not believe your account will be drastically affected, but we wanted to make you aware of the changes to...
  14. MannDude

    AT&T has effectively banned Bitcoin nodes by closing port 8333 via a hidden firewall in the cable bo

    As per: FCC guidelines however should prevent this ( ) What other things are generally blocked besides inbound port 80 and 25 traffic? I wonder if we'll see more bitcoin related...

    Stop Bitcoin license

    So recently, there's been a bill put up for passing and this virtual currency bill is terrible. Govt organisations are starting to try to centralise the decentralised virtual cryptocurrencies by forcing Bitcoin companies to do lots of paperwork shit. This bill is a major threat to innovation...
  16. MannDude

    Receiving a refund via BitCoin

    Bit frustrated right now. Long story short I purchased a domain name from where I have several other domain names purchased. Usually I pay with my card or via PayPal but this time I decided I'd use Bitcoin since I had some in my Coinbase wallet and have never used it. I order the...
  17. drmike

    VPS Provider Meme for the Coin Miners they Despise

    I know we have a lot of shop operators lingering here who daily deal with high container load scenarios and often find Bitcoin and other coin mining going on. Make this your support abuse meme for point of contact...  Should make things a tad clear for the idiot customer.
  18. texteditor

    Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator: Gaiden

    Here is a cool new tool for figuring out how to get rich on Bitcoin, you should check it out!!
  19. N

    Stablebox Announces Acceptance of Bitcoin

    MIAMI, Florida (April 10, 2015) – Stablebox, a worldwide web hosting services provider, today announced the acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment method for purchasing web hosting, virtual private servers and Internet domain names.  Stablebox has partnered with BitPay, the leading Bitcoin payment...
  20. Asim

    How to pay from BitPay

    n00b question but how do I pay using BitPay, recently I wanted to pay invoice for one of my favorite VPS provider and they refused to accept the good old PAYPAL (since I use my UK-cousin's paypal to pay invoices). I am forced to consider BITPAY, its either BITPAY-way or leave-the-host-forever...