Stop Bitcoin license

    So recently, there's been a bill put up for passing and this virtual currency bill is terrible. Govt organisations are starting to try to centralise the decentralised virtual cryptocurrencies by forcing Bitcoin companies to do lots of paperwork shit. This bill is a major threat to innovation...
  2. drmike

    Car Ride Service Uber Ruled EMPLOYER by California Labor Commission

    California Labor Commission just took Uber for a joy ride. It ruled that Uber drivers, who Uber considers contractors and not employees, are indeed employees. This is going to shake Uber up big time and other work on demand middleman no-economy slavery  operations. Have to say for once I am...
  3. drmike

    Large Hacked Hosting Companies Violating California Law and New York Law

    Another heads up for any VPS / hosting company or those selling products to such.  When you are hacked, some States in the United States require that you document and record the event with offices like the State Attorney Generals Office.  You are likely subject to regulations in many States...
  4. shovenose

    Labor Day Special - 25% Off + 25GB Disk - ShoveHost San Diego OpenVZ

    ShoveHost, founded in 2011, provides fast and stable Virtual Private Servers based on enterprise-grade servers located at American Internet Services LWDC in San Diego, California.  For a limited time only, you can get 25% off the price (recurring), and we'll add 25GB of additional disk space to...
  5. HalfEatenPie

    Dedicated Server West Coast

    Ahoy there matys!   I'm looking for a dedicated server on the West Coast!  What specifically?  Well Los Angeles/San Diego/ preferred, but throw at me an offer and a test IP I can trace and test.   Budget: $30-$50/month Specs: Dual Core (at minimum 2.2GHz), at minimum 500GB HDD, 2-4GB RAM...
  6. ErrantWeb-Travis

    ErrantWeb - Troy, MI & San Diego, CA - OpenVZ - Starting at $10/year!

    ErrantWeb has been providing services since 2012, we are always looking to make offers for you guys! We've designed our new 128MB plans around the fact that you want to pay for a service for a year, and get what you paid for. We believe that you will enjoy the new plans! Please take a look below...
  7. shovenose

    ShoveHost VPS - $30/year 256MB RAM, 25GB Disk, 250GB Monthly Bandwidth

    Are you frustrated with poor quality of your current VPS host? Perhaps your VPS is running slowly, or becomes unavailable at several times of the day due to an overloaded network? Maybe you are not being allocated the RAM you paid for due to overselling? Well, check out ShoveHost! We do not...