Car Ride Service Uber Ruled EMPLOYER by California Labor Commission


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California Labor Commission just took Uber for a joy ride.

It ruled that Uber drivers, who Uber considers contractors and not employees, are indeed employees.

This is going to shake Uber up big time and other work on demand middleman no-economy slavery  operations.

Have to say for once I am in agreement with a ruling out of California.  

Florida had already ruled on its own the very same employment role by Uber.

source: Reuters


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Awesome lawyer...

I find it SH!T that Uber brings in scum bucket lawyer who rep'd Walmart... What Hillary Clinton wasn't available?   


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This is awesome.  I hate uber...instead of passing a sawbuck to a cabbie you anonymously hail you have to use an app, get some random barely-vetted guy who's not driving with proper insurance, and get stalked by their executives (and inevitably the government).

Guess that whole "sharing economy" thing ain't gonna work out.  Thank God.


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From my experience of using Uber back in Texas and New York, it wasn't that bad.  I mean yeah you ended up having to talk to the driver (because the driver always wanted to try and cut the "tension" by talking to you and being social, which isn't a bad thing) and the entire time you're just waiting to get there.  It's also not a cheaper alternative to taxis.  Of course Uber is always a hit or miss so who knows.  


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What is the price like for Uber? Never been to an area where it was avaliable and I needed a ride.

A few years ago I was on my way to the airport in Indianapolis and got in a car wreck. Car was totaled. I wasn't the driver. We were all fine. I called a cab to pick me up on the side of the road and drive me to the airport and it was literally like $35 or $40 to drive me less than ten miles. We were so close to the airport but it was so expensive.


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Uber/Lyft are affordable, but also demand/surge pricing based. If there is a surge in demand, then the price goes up. This is nice because if you have time you can wait for a cab, but if you need a ride now you can hail an uber/lyft. 


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The surge pricing is what gets you. It can be 10-15x normal rates. Other than that, it is way cheaper than cabs. To go 10 miles is around $10. If you did that in a cab, it would be $25-$30. If you have multiple passengers in a can, you can add $2.50 per person. They don't do that with über.

Uber is still running on venture capital now though. Their prices are so low so that they can kill the cab companies. When they do that, the prices may go back up to what we are used to with cabs.


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Uber is still running on venture capital now though. Their prices are so low so that they can kill the cab companies. When they do that, the prices may go back up to what we are used to with cabs.
Look it's the Google economic destruction system deployed to take over a market.

Get large sums of money funneled from unrelated wealth accumulation then use it to disrupt prices artificially.  Which in this instance includes ruining wages, worker rights, etc.  Put those long standing companies out of business.   When they go under and competition lacking, raise the rates back up.

How this is allowed to happen and is legal is beyond me.   Techtards have been doing just this to TONS of different niches and industries.  They keep getting away with / government gives 0 care about such.  Thanks the heavens for this suit and a lawyer that gets it.  Need more suits to tap their largess and command and control economy destruction.


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Should make sure to mention that they didn't rule that their drivers are employees. Only that one specific driver in this lawsuit, which is of course going to be appealed. Pretty sure this same commission also ruled in favor of uber last year on a similar issue.