1. Jade

    NodeServ Deploys KernelCare on OVZ Nodes - Now accepting Credit/Debit Cards & Bitcoin!

    NodeServ is happy to share that we have deployed the use of KernelCare across all of our OpenVZ nodes, which will be very useful in the future when it comes to upgrading kernels. This will cause virtually no downtime when important kernel upgrades are available. We would also like to announce...
  2. tdale Grand Opening 50% off first month!

    VPSB,   I want to welcome everyone to our GRAND OPENING offer thread! I plan to offer a wide variety of services and locations Worldwide.   To start I have chosen Dallas, TX to premier our services. Dallas, TX is a centralized location that is often forgotten about due to Chicago, IL. The...
  3. L

    ColoCrossing & Hudson Valley Host are dishonest, unethical, and partake in illegal activities

    Hello vpsboard! I have been told at least by 3 people to join this forum so thought I would make my 1st post here. Before I go on, I am sorry if you have already seen my threads in other places. That is why I wasn't even going to start this post as I am sure some of you guys are tired of reading...