1. HalfEatenPie

    OpenSSL Client Vulnerability

    tldr: experimental feature shipped with OpenSSH Client is enabled by default.  Vulnerability involved.  Fixing involves updating or   echo 'UseRoaming no' >> /etc/ssh/ssh_config This is unrelated to the OpenSSH Server. Original...
  2. K

    How visitors can trust on your hosting business?

    If you are a customer then how and why you will trust on a small hosting company? Do you prefer big company or small company? I don't like big company for many reason. 1. Why new visitor will trust on your company? 2. How can you increase trust, what you need to do? Some of customers...
  3. V

    Handling clients when you can't provide something (mail to MS)

    So, you've got a mail server, everything's working nicely with all major providers and a lot of small providers but you get persistent problems with Microsoft (outlook/hotmail addresses). Let's disregard why you (and a lot of other people) are having persistent problems with MS (even though...