1. A

    FREE Server with Colocatoin!!

    Ace Host provides Data Center Hosting services, and IP (IPv4) Address Leasing. With service to more than 15 countries around the globe, we strive to bring you the best equipment possible, and the friendliest support, ’round the clock. With our equipment leasing program, you will soon find your...
  2. ITivan80

    High Density Cabinets in LA Colo

    Colocation America offers 100% uptime guarantee on our network and power in Los Angeles. We provide free KVM/IP for any of your servers at no additional charges to troubleshoot along with free basic remote hands. ==================================== High Desity Cabinets (Click for product...
  3. tdale

    Buffalo IPv6 Unmetered Gigabit 999/mo!

    Unmetered Gigabit Deal of the month! Offer ends 07/31/2017! Our Data Center is SSAE16 Type 2, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, ISAE 3402, CSAE 3416 for 2017! Enjoy IPv4 and IPv6 Native Connectivity out of Buffalo! BuffaloColo is proud to present the following offer in our flagship Data Center: 42U Locking...
  4. httpzoom

    Quarter Rack colo in the UK

    Hello guys,  anyone know of any good detail for quarter rack colo. hosting in the UK preferably with the M25 (i.e. close to London) Thank
  5. ryanarp

    $34.95 100mbit Unmetered Colo or $64.95 with 1 Gigabit Port, Seattle, SSAE 16

    We have a end of year blow out promo for Seattle colocation, save $100/mo (recurring). Pay just $34.95/mo. Order Form with Customization Options <<<<< Customize here (multiple U, amp, bandwidth, IP options) About this promo We are located inside...
  6. QuadraNet_Adam - LAX, DAL, MIA Colo - 1U, 1/4 Cab, Half, & Full Racks - 1ST MONTH FREE

    Single Server Colocation - Valid in Miami, Dallas & Los Angeles -------------------------------------------------------------------- [] SINGLE SERVER 1U to 4U - 3TB TRANSFER [] Up to 1AMP 120V POWER USAGE [] 100 MBPS NETWORK PORT [] REMOTE REBOOT [] /29 IPv4 ALLOCATION [] PRIVATE VLAN []...
  7. Profuse-Jim

    Psychz Networks – Los Angeles Colo 1U/2A/10TB/100Mbps/2Gbps DDoS Mitigation – 1st Month Free!

    Psychz Networks is pleased to offer co-location in our stable, multi-homed network from our Downtown Los Angeles Data Centers. All services include the following: - Tier 4 Datacenter in Downtown Los Angeles - Disaster Planning N+2 Setup (Hardware, Generators, AC, Routers, Switches, Staff!) -...
  8. EricGregory

    New Colocation Facility Presale - Dallas - Special pricing available in Phoenix & Los Angeles Too

    It's been a while since we've had a promotion running here, but we're starting 2014 in a big way. We'll be utilizing another facility in Dallas, Texas. Our space there isn't yet completed, but it's going to be pretty amazing. We're running a presale event for our upcoming Dallas location. In...
  9. Awmusic12635

    FLIPHOST | Colocation Starting at $49

    Fliphost is now offering colocation out of our Infomart Dallas location: Single Servers 1U 1A @ 110V 10TB @ 100mbit port /29 IPv4 /64 IPv6 $49/month ($15 setup fee) +$10/month for extra 1U (max up to 4) +$15/month for extra 1A (max up to 4) +$5/month for IPMI port +$10/month for 1Gbit port...
  10. A

    [UK] Astutium Ltd Just-Add-Servers Managed Colocation in London Docklands 11u Quarter Racks

    Astutium Ltd have available for immediate occupation 6 additional racks for 'individual server colo' and 6 racks in various configurations (11u, 22u, 44u) all connected to AS29527 our multi-site 100% uptime network - (check uptime) # All colocation taken in November is MRC-free until the end of...
  11. earl

    Gorack $25.50 1U Special

    Looks like Gorack is having a special on colo.. thought I would post it here if anyone is interested. C/P WHT - for the full AD: Limited Time Offers: 1U Shared Colocation (One Device) 1A