[UK] Astutium Ltd Just-Add-Servers Managed Colocation in London Docklands 11u Quarter Racks


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Astutium Ltd have available for immediate occupation 6 additional racks for 'individual server colo' and 6 racks in various configurations (11u, 22u, 44u) all connected to AS29527 our multi-site 100% uptime network - (check uptime)

# All colocation taken in November is MRC-free until the end of the year 

# The quicker you move in, the more you save ! 

# Simply pay the setup, and there are no further fees until January 2014

# Prices are fixed until Dec 2015 (24+ months) on all new colocation services

Limited Availability - 1/4 Rack (11u) Managed Colocation Service

We call this the 'Just Add Servers' product, because everything else is provided and setup for you :)

11u Quarter Rack in GlobalSwitch2 with...

* Individual doors front & rear (not shared space)

* 24 / 7 / 365 Access (subject to simple online booking)

* 1KW of included Power

* 10Mb/s included Transit (routed or bgp feed) from AS29527 

* /26 (58 usable) IPv4 Addresses

* /96 (4,294,967,000 usable) IPv6 Addresses

* Managed 8-port APC for 24 / 7 / 365 power control

* Managed 24-port CISCO 10/100 switch (with 1Gb/s uplinks)

* Accessories pack - Nuts, Bolts, IEC powerleads and network cables

Normally £599+vat/month with a one-off £799+vat setup (month-to-month contract)

Until 30/November the following special pricing is available, based on contract term:

# Month-to-Month       @ £499+vat/month, £699+vat setup

# Contract to Dec 2014 @ £449+vat/month, £599+vat setup

# Contract to Dec 2015 @ £399+vat/month, £499+vat setup

Example 24m contract taken out on 10/Nov ...

One off setup £499 plus 24 payments of £399 (covering Jan-2014 through Dec-2015) = £499+9576 = £10075

Equivalent to (for the ~26 month total term) just £387.50/month 

To order:

* start the process online at order 11u managed colo

* do not pay the automated invoices

* PM Me through the forum or Email ([email protected]) with what contract period you'd like and I'll adjust your product & pricing accordingly

A comprehensive range of optional upgrades are available including:

* Managed Cisco Firewall

* Additional Transit

* X-Connects to Other London DC's

* 10/100/1000 Managed Switch

* Secondary 'B' powerfeed

just ask if you would prefer a custom built solution.

Small Print:

+ offer expires 30/Nov/2013 

+ offer expires when all current stock (12 at time of posting) occupied

+ payment by BACS | Standing Order

+ prices (exc any client requested additions/upgrades) fixed to Dec 2015

+ all prices quoted exc. VAT at prevailing rate (currently 20%)

+ offers apply to new colocation deals for both existing and new clients

+ additional discounts for 6m, 12m or 24m in-advance payments is available - ask for details