credit card

  1. TekStorm - Walter

    Point of sale services-StripeXS for WHMCS

    StripeXS for WHMCS       Stripe makes it easy to start accepting credit card payments today; at our low, low introductory rate of 0.1% + $0.01 per successful charge for the first 30 days!  Log on to our Web site to see complete details and also to veiw future savings!   Leave complex fee...
  2. drmike

    Vultr SMTP restriction requirements are unreasonable

    So Vultr, who advertises here blocks SMTP by default. To have such block lifted, requires an authorization form. That sounds, reasonable. However, Vultr seems to want front and back scans of both a photo identification card and credit card to enable SMTP. I don't support collection of...
  3. B

    Any provider accepting Neteller payments

    On my search for Virtual Credit Cards, since my SBI Credit Card got blocked due to some strange reasons cited by bank, I came across Neteller. Their website tells about virtual credit card and on doing a basic search came to find out that its true. I am using Entropay now and since the...