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StripeXS for WHMCS




Stripe makes it easy to start accepting credit card payments today; at our low, low introductory rate of 0.1% + $0.01 per successful charge for the first 30 days!  Log on to our Web site to see complete details and also to veiw future savings!


Leave complex fee structures behind and get all the features your business needs.  Earnings are transferred to your bank account on a 4-day rolling basis.  Pricing like it should be; no card storage fees, no commitments, no hidden costs, no refund costs, no monthly fees, no setup fees, and no validation fees.  There's also no charge for failed payments.  You only get charged when you earn money.  If you refund a transaction, we'll return the proportional application fee.


TekStorm Inc., an ISO of Pivotal Payments Direct Corp. and of Pivotal Payments Inc., is your single-source provider for complete and affordable merchant services.  Pivotal Payments license-types are available to North American (StripeXS™ licenses will default to Pivotal Payments for North American orders and to Stripe for all others. For the moment, USA licenses are still provisioning for Stripe. Should your merchant account application be declined and/or if you are otherwise ineligible for such a merchant account, we will manually configure your license to allow the use of Stripe.) merchants.



To ease PCI compliance, credit cards are not stored locally.  Rather, they are securely tokenized and stored within GlobalOne's secure card storage…  Providing point-to-point encryption (assuming, of course, that you utilize HTTPS for your WHMCS) and off-site storage of sensitive cardholder data, making complying with PCI DSS easier.  For PCI compliance, locally stored credit cards are automatically removed.  Credit cards will be tokenized upon their re-entry.


You can capture payments in CAD, EUR, GBP, or USD.  However, by setting one of the aforementioned currencies at Setup » Payments » Payment Gateways » StripeXS™ for WHMCS » Convert To For Processing, within your WHMCS installation, you are able to bill/invoice in whatever currency (i.e. AUD, BGN, BRL, CAD, CHF, CNY, CZK, DKK, EEK, EUR, GBP, HKD, HRK, HUF, IDR, INR, JPY, KRW, LTL, LVL, MXN, MYR, NOK, NZD, PHP, PLN, RON, RUB, SEK, SGD, THB, TRY, USD, ZAR, etc.) you desire.


"utm_nooverride=1", for Google Analytics, can be appended to certain redirects during the checkout process.


Payment can be auto-captured when accepting a pending order, either via the admin area or the API, if the associated invoice is unpaid.  Auto-capture of payment during the checkout process can be disabled; credit card details are still tokenized and stored within the secure card storage for manual capture…  When enabled, you can configure to auto-capture payments during checkout for existing clients with an active order; holding/skipping payment capture only for clients without an active order.


Clients can be restricted from removing their credit card information if they have active domains/products/services and/or unpaid invoices.


Both one-time and recurring payments are supported.  Both full and partial refunds are supported.


The user doesn't have to leave your Web site to complete payment! 




StripeXS is the onliest Stripe gateway for WHMCS to provide full tokenization functionality/integration (including, but not limited to, within the cart/checkout and admin area) and dispute automation/management from within WHMCS.  StripeXS is, hands-down, the most comprehensive Stripe gateway module available for WHMCS; with features that you won't find anywhere else, and more on the way!