1. T

    Buy and sell databases

    Hello, dear forum users. Now I'm selling and giving for call on the CPA model or for % of the deposit the following databases: 1) The CRA project bases related to earnings in the network, investments and forex. Here is the base from the CIS countries (RF 90%), is constantly updated and brings...
  2. drmike

    SolusVM database dump, what is in a full dump file

    Non-providers and those that do not use SolusVM seem to be wondering what is in the SolusVM database. Here is a list of the tables in their database.   Can expand upon specific tables and providers can discuss the data arrangement in further details. Customers have a right to know what data is...
  3. wlanboy

    Small redis key/value database

    Redis is a lightweight and fast key/value store. I did have a view projects where I needed something like a persistent hashmap with quite a view values. Too much for a text file but at the same time too simple for MySQL. So Redis fills the gap with a small memory footprint key/value database...
  4. Novacha

    A VPS index / database

    Recently, when looking for a semi-specific server, I realised there was no terribly great option for getting accurate results. The sites that exist are often slow to update, often incorrect for long periods of times and tend not to show coupons, discounts and specials. I personally believe that...