SolusVM database dump, what is in a full dump file


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Non-providers and those that do not use SolusVM seem to be wondering what is in the SolusVM database.

Here is a list of the tables in their database.   Can expand upon specific tables and providers can discuss the data arrangement in further details.

Customers have a right to know what data is leaked/recorded.  Please keep the thread on topic and ask questions so you are informed as a customer.

This is taken from the most recent CVPS SolusVM dump:

mysql> show tables;


| Tables_in_june       |


| adminacl             |

| administrators       |

| adminlog             |

| adminnotes           |

| adminwhitelist       |

| api                  |

| apilog               |

| authenticationlog    |

| backupservers        |

| bandwidthstatistics  |

| buycpanel            |

| centralbackup        |

| clientapi            |

| clientlog            |

| clients              |

| configuration        |

| consolesessions      |

| crontab              |

| customemailtemplates |

| dnsplans             |

| dnsservergroups      |

| dnsservers           |

| emailtemplates       |

| ftpservers           |

| hvmtemplates         |

| ipaddresses          |

| ipblocknodes         |

| ipblocks             |

| ipv6                 |

| isos                 |

| keymaps              |

| kvmdata              |

| kvmtemplates         |

| license              |

| links                |

| mediagroups          |

| mediasync            |

| nodegroups           |

| nodes                |

| pdns                 |

| plans                |

| s_bandwidth          |

| secondaryhdd         |

| smslog               |

| syscheck             |

| systemmessages       |

| templates            |

| version              |

| vservers             |

| vzdata               |

| xendata              |


52 rows in set (0.04 sec)



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Ok I have a very basic grasp on this stuff so please bear with me :)

what it looks like to me is that the info in this database had the control panel info and the root password

(which in my case was the original one that was assigned to me that I promptly changed and is not longer valid)

But not anything about users or passwords from the actual server that was running

Thanks for all of your help


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Poking around at the database.

Table nodes = all the CVPS nodes being controlled by SolusVM:

mysql> select count(nodeid) from nodes;


| count(nodeid) |


|           109 |




Table adminwhitelist is an IP whitelist for the owner and employees and their own IPs.   Interesting, employee on SBCGlobal (Adam/Kevin), another on CAN cable company and a third who lives in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.


Table adminlog is a list of various actions taken by the admins (re-activating VPSes, adding IPs, etc.)


Table authenticationlog is a log of all logins by customers.  Includes your IP address logged in from, the VPS ip address and your username plus if successful or failed.


Table backupservers is name, ip of, hostname, and id and a password string.  Assuming these are backup servers for the data on the VPSes.

There exist FOUR servers. Chicago, Buffalo, Chicago and Los Angeles.    

There are none for Atlanta, Dallas and Choopa (NY/NJ).


Table bandwidthstatistics  is where current monthly allocation of bandwidth and actual use for VPSes is stored.


Table buycpanel has info who is a cPanel paying customer at CVPS. 233 cPanel licenses currently sold.


Table centralbackup looks to be a log of backups of the ISO install images...


Table clientapi looks to be SolusVM specific API keys for the customers.  2259 API keys in the database.

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@ Welp... wasn't originally gonna say anything.  But I have a new query for those of you that were curious about his claims that "there was no more oversell".

SELECT nodes.nodeid,, COUNT(vservers.vserverid) as vservers, SUM(vservers.ram)/1073741824 AS ram FROM nodes, vservers WHERE nodes.nodeid = vservers.nodeid GROUP BY nodeid;

This will show each node, the name of the node, how many vservers are on the node, and the total amount of 'guaranteed' RAM (in GB) assigned to the vservers on that node (not burst/swap/etc).


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I like how they advertise their server configuration. "massive amounts of ram" "dual quad core xeon". Can't get any more vague than that.


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Anybody know what hardware they are actually using? Surely they ain't just running E3s with 32 gigs of ram..


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Anybody know what hardware they are actually using? Surely they ain't just running E3s with 32 gigs of ram..
Most nodes are.

They have a few E5's in LA I think? And some legacy E5620's in BUF/CHI I'm guessing.

The 56xx's and E5's can take a decent amount of RAM (96 - 128GB RAM) but the E3's are 32GB MAX.



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The 56xx's and E5's can take a decent amount of RAM (96 - 128GB RAM) but the E3's are 32GB MAX.

I severely doubt they have anything more than mostly 32GB RAM servers deployed.

The growth since last hack came from EoR servers pushed over to CVPS.  Those weren't huge RAM servers.


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Do you even know when you are lying or telling the truth anymore? You are pure nonsense

Cut the teenage mentality theatrics out.  You are total liar and we've proved that multiple times over the past week in public. 

Next thing you are going to claim you weren't hacked and everything is secure... Oh wait!  You did that and hours later down came your empire.

After that you are going to claim I never PM'd you prior to the leak to the world telling you to double check things that you were leaking.

Which thing that I said is a "lie" or "distortion" or "incorrect"?