ddos filtering

  1. MannDude

    Hostigation now offers DDoS filtering for all LA services

    Just got this email: Hostigation is one of my favorite providers, glad to see them include this feature!
  2. P

    Luna Node Dynamic: Hourly-Billed Cloud Servers in Toronto/Montreal

    Luna Node Dynamic - the Canadian cloud virtualization platform (KVM) Luna Node Dynamic is a powerful cloud virtualization platform featuring rapid virtual machine deployment, snapshotting capabilities, an API for automation, complementary minimal server monitoring and DNS hosting, security...
  3. mojeda

    RamNode - DDoS Filtering, New Pricing/Plans, Control Panel and RIP Coupons

    Got this email in my box just a few moments ago:
  4. Aldryic C'boas

    We have constructed additional Pylons (BuyVM Upgrades)

    Hey folks! Some exciting news this weekend.  First off, if you haven't heard yet, our DDoS-Filtering is now live in our Buffalo deployment!  DDoS-Filtered IPs can be ordered with any new/existing service just like the Las Vegas services.  Cost is 4,00$ per month per IP, and the mitigation is...
  5. Francisco

    East Coast DDOS Filtering

    Hello everyone, We're looking to get some filtering going out of the east coast. No, this isn't back hauled from the west coast, the actual peering spot would be right out of Manhattan. I wanted some feedback on pricing since we're not sure we can do the same $3 IP/M like we do in LV...
  6. A

    LiquidHost - New awesome yearly DDoS filtered deals | Seattle | LA | Internal IPs, filtering

    Hey guys! I haven't posted a new deal in a while, so here comes the new summer offerings. First, some information about our operation: We've been in business since 2011 Small and dedicated support team, with more personal touch (Unmanaged, does not mean un-supported ) DDoS filtered IPs - if...