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    Help to make diaspora installation one step on debian

    Hi Guys, As many of you have seen before, I try my best to promote Diaspora, the distributed social network and is the place where I am most active. Recently, a friend of mine who was a RedHat Senior SysAdmin and a Debian Developer started a crowd funding campaign to make Diaspora installation...
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    Are you in Diaspora? If not, give it a try

    For those who don't know what Diaspora is, its a decentralized social network, a collection of servers(pods) which runs the Disapora software (, and communicates with one another using open standards. What makes it special from other social networks is that...
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    Any first hand experience with

    Hi guys, does anyone have any first hand experience with I have seen mixed reviews about them in LET and WHT, and their last offer in LEB was in October 2012. I am looking for a VPS with 4GB RAM, KVM, since we are planning for disk encryption and atleast a 50GB storage. Its...