disaster recovery

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    ESDS DR planning helps your systems continue to be available and responsive!

    FinMark LOS is a true end-to-end platform for managing various loan processes with reduced infrastructure costs and a 3600 view of real-time loan applications. FinMark software provides a segmental yet integrated and service-oriented platform that caters to all types of lending organizations...
  2. TurnkeyInternet

    TURNKEY INTERNET: Remote Off Site Backup for your Dedicated / VPS / Cloud Server or PC - TurnKeyVAUL

      Introducing TurnKey Vault : the next-generation online backup solution that offers ease of use combined with comprehensive enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery features designed for any server, pc, laptop or database located anywhere in the world. 10 GB Account Free for Life Sign...
  3. TurnkeyInternet

    TurnKey Internet, Inc Launches Cloud Backup with Business Continuity Service

    LATHAM, NEW YORK (September 22nd, 2015) – Sustainable IT solutions provider TurnKey Internet, Inc. announced today the launch of their TurnKey Vault Secure Cloud Backup service. The all new product delivers next-generation online backup services focused on business continuity and disaster...