1. drmike Releases over 2000 games originally created for DOS

    Lots of gamers around vpsBoard. the site best known perhaps for the Wayback Machine has released a collection of over 2000 games originally developed to run in DOS.  "... EM-DOSBOX in-browser emulator, these programs are bootable and playable. "...
  2. ICPH

    How do you prevent server from DDoS

    Hi, which steps do you recommend to protect openvz / kvm / xen host server (node for vps reselling) from denial of service attacks or similar abuse? in my case install: - fail2ban with basic ssh prevention (im yet unsure if there is any tutorial with good rules fitting to vps node servers) -...
  3. D

    Test for open DNS resolvers on your OpenVZ nodes

    Another way to reduce the amount of network abuse on your OpenVZ VPS nodes (in addition to Nodewatch) is to scan them for recursive DNS resolvers which are often the target for DNS Amplification DoS attacks. This script scans all OpenVZ containers on a node for open DNS resolvers:  ...