amuck-landowner Releases over 2000 games originally created for DOS


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[ like as-if everyone here has any spare time for game wasting ]  

Add that above URL to your honey-I-did now leave me alone time.


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Throwback.  Mouse doesn't seem to work/sync correctly unless I'm full screen and my monitor is too big for 8-bit at full screen.  Anyone else having that issue?  Seems only a few games need the mouse though.


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Well, I can't run it in my browser. Is slow as hell. In firefox it's a little bit better. Maybe I just should watch some gameplay :p because I want to take a look at the best game ever xD
See if they let you download it and go from there!  Holy crap this brings back so much memories!  

Only now do I realize you're basically just a giant floating head that's burping into people's faces.  Pretty disgusting now that I think about it.